2008 Saab Turbo X SportCombi

I hate to be yet one more voice in the chorus of Turbo X negativity, but I can't remember the last time I was this disappointed in a car. I didn't grow up around two-stroke Saabs, or even early-'80s Saabs, but I very much wanted the Turbo X to be something that it isn't. Maybe it had something to do with a ride I got - my first! - in an '89 900 four-door a few weeks ago, or maybe I simply believed a little too much of the marketing hype. But while I thought we were finally getting a car that at least resembled the Saabs of old, I was instead presented with a soft, rubbery, warmed-over 9-3 with an indifferent (in the dry, at least) all-wheel-drive system and what must be the world's most frustrating shifter.

At least, as Rusty pointed out, it looks cool. The black paint and trim and the retro-Italian wheels - they look straight out of the 1973 Milan auto salon - all breathe new life into an aging and overly familiar shape. And there isn't a hint of torque steer to be found. At this point, however, I just find myself hoping that Saab rediscovers itself very, very soon.

Sam Smith, Associate Editor

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