2008 Land Rover Range Rover HSE

To me, the Range Rover is the one and only luxury SUV. I can see how people will drop nearly $80,000 on the English off-roader much more easily than I can understand people spending only a few grand less on the Lexus LX570. Sure, the Japanese offering is more powerful and will most likely be more reliable but it doesn't have near the interior and exterior style of the Range Rover.

I love the tall seating position front and rear and the tall windows all around. The interior is gorgeous but still carries a slightly utilitarian design that is perfect for the off-road credentials of the SUV. Plus, this is one of the few vehicles that my young children can see out of when they're buckled into their car seats.

Sure, some will say that the weight and thirst of the Range Rover is far too great for only a five-seat SUV. They have a point, a very good point. I still love the feel of the top-of-the-line Land Rover. The steering can be a bit too light (but it is very accurate), the suspension can feel slightly too soft at times, and the base 305-hp V-8 struggles with the mass of the SUV but I still like it.

No matter how expensive fuel gets, there will always be a Range Rover of some type. I like that the vehicle has always carried that same special feeling since it was introduced in 1970. I just wish Land Rover would offer its excellent twin-turbo V-8 diesel in America.

Marc Noordeloos, Road Test Editor

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