2008 Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG

David Gluckman

I lucked out and had the CL63 for a long weekend, which ended up giving me lots of time behind the wheel. I spent most of Sunday and Monday behind the wheel and found very little I didn't like. All of my passengers loved the CL, particularly those lucky enough to experience the massaging front seat. Most of them had no clue car seats had become so advanced.

It was a bit difficult to fit four adults in the car. I think the shortest person was somewhere about 5'8" and the rest of the group fell between 6' and 6'3". It wasn't impossible for the four of us to squeeze in the car, but the ingress and egress for the people stuck in the back seat was a bit difficult. Too bad there was no massaging seat to reward them for the effort. I can't think of a coupe that would be more comfortable for four adults though, so I can't fault the CL here.

The 6.2-liter V-8 feels just right in this coupe. A time or two I wanted the ludicrous torque of the CL600 or CL65, but that's certainly not needed. I found it a little easier to keep the CL63 at legal speeds than the CL600 I drove about this time last year. The seven-speed transmission is, of course, standard in this CL, but it doesn't feel as sporty as it does in other applications. The C63 AMG has much more aggressive transmission programming, which might make the CL more entertaining if you decide to push it hard. That's missing the point though. The CL is a great cruiser and does best running down long stretches of wide open roads.

I was disappointed that the Bluetooth system in this car didn't want to connect to my Blackberry. I've had great success with my phone and other Bluetooth-equipped Benzes this year, but no dice this time. If I'm throwing down $138,000 imaginary dollars, I want the Bluetooth to actually work.

Phil Floraday, Senior Online Editor

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