2008 Ford Taurus X AWD Limited

Sam Smith

Sam, I'm not quite sure what's wrong with you, but I mostly agree with the Joes who commented above: I like this vehicle quite a bit because it's a pretty darn good choice for the legions of SUV owners who've suddenly started paying attention to the prices at the pump. (Granted, 16/24 mpg--as the EPA has rated the front-wheel-drive version--isn't phenomenal, but for a vehicle of this size and capability, it's not bad.)

Even though the name change is an indication of a marketing misplay, I do like the new, chromier look of the TaurusStyle X. There, I said it: I like the current face of Ford, no matter what my colleagues have to say about my bad taste or poor eyesight. I do agree with Sam that the Taurus X's chunky height undermines any chance it had at being labeled "cool wagon." I've seen the new Flex on the road, and I think that box has a good chance at becoming the cool wagon that the FreeTaurus X was going for. Plus, the Flex offers slightly better fuel economy (17/24 mpg for FWD models).

Still, with a growing family on the horizon, I could definitely see a Taurus X in my driveway (for my wife, of course: I need something more fun to drive!), particularly if the Flex's launch results in significantly slashed prices for the Taurus X.

-Rusty Blackwell, Copy Editor

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