2009 Jaguar XF

My colleagues have already written extensively on the new XF, so I'll try to be brief. That's difficult, though, because the car is just so damned impressive. My high hopes for the XF were definitely upheld.

I know I should talk about how it drives first, but the interior is so striking that it's hard to notice much else initially. For instance, the switchgear, particularly for the windows and the sunroof, is extremely well-wrought. Likewise the leather. I like how the XF looks from the outside, too, and so did many people I passed in Manchester and Saline. Other than the Lexus-y side profile, this thing has the presence that Jag needs, even if the front end is a bit weird-so, too, were the old Mark IIs and early XJs ...

The ride gets somewhat wallowy over choppy bumps (body control), but the wheel control is typical impressive Jaguar. The steering is very accurate but numb, although this should suit most buyers quite well.

I didn't realize that this car was supercharged until I saw the badge on the trunk, as the supercharger whine is notably subdued. It does its job, though-this car is very quick, in a buttery-smooth way.

Like Sam, I noticed that the blinkers give no audible feedback. What gives?! And no, it's not just the kickass Bowers & Wilkins sound system that drowns them out ...

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to spending a lot more time in the newest Jag.

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