2008 Audi A5 3.2

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Compared with the sporty, V-8-powered S5, the A5 looks and feels much more reserved. In fact, in this subdued blue, this particular A5 kept reminding me of a base, six-cylinder, spoilerless Chevrolet Camaro circa 1984. Thankfully, the A5 rarely feels castrated, and it actually rides much more comfortably than its stiff-legged S5 kin.

Audi's MMI interface is very good, as we've often championed, but I still prefer the Mercedes-Benz's Comand system, as in the new CL- and S-class. To pick a nit: what's up with Audi's new door hinges? Our Four Seasons RS4 and Volkswagen GTI had extremely robust, multistop hinges; however, the A5's (cost-cut?) door hardware has a very light detent at the end of its arc, so if you're not careful when you swing open the door, it could bounce back at you and pinch your leg.

There. I feel better now.

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