Seven Up: Picking the Best Compact SUV

Andrew Trahan
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2014 Nissan Rogue SV AWD
The new 2014 Nissan Rogue is like a family room on wheels. Plop yourself down inside and you almost expect to find someone's socks on the floor or a TV remote in the seat cushions. The comfy interior combined with excellent fuel economy and a bargain price make the redesigned 2014 Nissan Rogue a strong rival to traditional favorites like the CR-V.

The Nissan's melted-looking exterior design doesn't make much of a style statement -- instead, it's the Rogue's inside story that impresses. The cabin is furnished with oversized chairs and cushy armrests. The seats are soft and comfortable and upholstered in a plush fabric that doesn't make you feel like a cheapskate for skipping leather. The back bench is raised significantly and is flat enough to seat three across. And, get this, carpoolers: Nissan has even wedged in a third row! Unfortunately, it's about as tiny as you'd expect -- after attempting to squeeze back there, Voelker called it "a joke." If you really need a third row, you're better off shopping the next size class up.

The Rogue's 2.5-liter four puts out 170 hp and 175 lb-ft of torque. That horsepower figure ties with Subaru's as the lowest in the group. Combine a not-very-powerful engine with a CVT transmission, though, as Nissan does, and you get very good gas mileage -- the best in the group, in fact, at 25/32 mpg. What you don't get is particularly sprightly acceleration, although at least Nissan programs its CVT to emulate gear changes under hard acceleration. In most driving, its stepless torque manipulation creates the kind of engine droning and elastic throttle response that make CVTs such a bummer despite their undeniable efficiency. Buried on the lower left of the dash is a sport button, which struck us as a cruel bit of irony. There's not much sportiness to be had here, but as Floyd noted: "It handles and tracks well, with a heavy steering effort that I personally like."

The 2014 Nissan Rogue was the least expensive of all our SUVs, despite a heaping helping of equipment. Ours was the mid-level SV, which starts at $26,440 with all-wheel drive. This strikes us as the sweet spot in the Rogue lineup, provided you can live without leather, which requires moving up to the SL. The $1420 SV premium package added a host of items, including Nissan's excellent Around-View monitor (supplementing the standard backup camera), a blind-spot warning system, lane departure warning, a power liftgate, and navigation with a seven-inch touch screen. The latter isn't always responsive, though, and the small touch points and lack of physical radio preset buttons are annoying. Throw in a couple of minor items and the third-row seat, and the total reached $29,215, making the 2014 Nissan Rogue the only entrant to slip under the $30,000 barrier. Skip the third-row seat, and the price drops by nearly $1000. "Like a lot of Nissan's mainstream products, the 2014 Nissan Rogue hits enough high notes to make it a contender," said DeMatio. And its price makes it a bargain. But a powertrain that prizes fuel economy above all else kept it from being our winner.

2014 Nissan Rogue SV AWD

MSRP (with destination) $26,440
Price as Tested $29,215
Engine 2.5-liter DOHC I-4
Horsepower (hp) 170 @ 6000 rpm
Torque (lb-ft) 175 @ 4400 rpm
Transmission Continuously variable
Drive 4-wheel
Fuel Economy (city/highway/combined) 25/32/28 mpg
Steering Electrically assisted
Front suspension Strut-type, coil springs
Rear suspension Multilink, coil springs
Brakes f/r Vented discs
LxWxH 182.3 x 72.4 x 67.5 in
Wheelbase 106.5 in
Track f/r 62.8/62.8 in
Curb weight 3545 lb
Doors/Passengers 4/7
Cargo (behind second/first row) 9.4/32.0/70.0 cu ft
Legroom (first/second row) 43.0/37.9/31.4 in
Headroom (first/second row) 41.6/38.5/34.6 in
Towing 1000 lb
Richard Edwards
I wonder how the luxury models in this segment would fair.  Considering how long a Honda or Toyota lasts, I might be able to justify the "luxury" version or one of its competitors.  Or maybe that is a separate test.
I find myself looking more broadly in my comparison than merely a configuration and narrow price range.  Of course my "new" car is a 10 year old CRV, and my old cars are a '97 and '99 2 door coupes. . 
Harry Ohe
We've considered this market segment for some time and came to very similar conclusions. The Mazda is clearly the drivers car. Pricing from $21K for openers to an internet price today of a loaded Grand Touring of $26,700. I am not sure sure what brand Ford is smoking, but they need to get real! Options: We liked the BMW X1 the best and found a fairly loaded model w/ sun roof for $27995. w/ 5 yrs of free maintenance included and a "Lifetime" warranty on the drive train. The deal breaker could be the Mazda when it is equipped w/ the new diesel which rumor has it that the CX5 will deliver approx. 50 MPG HWY. The BMW is not equipped w/ diesel yet, buts it's turbo (comes Standard)  runs well at 240 HP  and for $1700 the dealer installed kit brings it to 340 HP and full warranty.  If you're concerned about the vehicle  lasting, the BMW will do just that "IF" you service it correctly. One of my cars is a BMW that 13 years old and looks and runs like new. Few minor repairs along the way, but I am NOT MAKING CAR PAYMENTS! Would be nice if BMW put their new diesel in the X1. Their Diesel upgrade is a deal at only $2000.
I have the 07 CRV and it's less power but really it's enough most of the time. if you need to haul stuff...get american suv with v8.
A few things buyers think about that car maganizine tester never will...1. How long does my 30K SUV last ?   American car? 100-150K mile on average.   CR-V, RAV4?  200K mile to 250K mile on average....    so for amount of money spend and how long it will last, and trouble free in between (instead of staying in repair shop all the time) That's why CRV, RAV4, camery and accords are selling big.It's dollar vs life time of the car.if the car last twice as much...that means my cost of car is way my TSX last 250K mile (and still running without major issue) for 30K price vs a smilairly priced american car only last 150K mile and you need to buy another one for another 30K......that is a lof of saving....for the price of a second car....people will overlook boring exterior, interior, noise, even fuel efficiency (that does not really save you nearly as much)2. interior noise....yes...rough engine sould ok for a short test's really annoying when you have to keep it for 10 years...espically it only get worse when the engine gets old.
The CR-V is in deperate need of Honda's new direct-fuel injection engine which they are using in the new accords; but its still a just nice enough vehicle that nobody's leap frogged over them yet; though Mazda and Subaru combined sales are close to doing that.
C Richard Lane
The GM version (all three on same base(Chevy,GMC and Buick) are lacking rear vents to the second row.  We just go rid of a 2013 GMC and will never buy another GM product.  They cut any thing to save a penny (Ex. their faulty ignition switch).
Alan Seitel
Just got a CX-5 Touring a couple of months ago to replace a Mazda 6 Sportwagon which is no longer imported to the USA. Mileage has been decent-averaging about 29 mpg combined. Very comfortable but the connectivity is not up to what I would like. As to the driving, very good feel and response on the road. I needed a hauler for the family and this is as close to a drivers vehicle as it comes in this class.
Zack Kibler
I've never been able to get over Subaru's interiors and powertrains (base ones, anyway). They just kill the whole car for me.
Wow, Automobile is really DOA......7 comments?  If this was CD, there would be hundreds!
So the Mazda placed mid-pack in most areas but was the most fun to drive so it was your top pick. Not a surprise. But with a poor infotainment system and drab interior it will not be the top pick by most shoppers. A friend of mine test drove one and agreed it was nice to drive. But features/utility were just not best in class. Also the road noise - common in many reviews of Mazdas - is a big negative when it comes to needing a highway cruiser. I think if Mazda drops the new Mazda3's infotainment in it will help make it more competitive. Of this group I would probably go with a Jeep with the V6 and FWD with UConnect at my own personal pick. But of the models you tested I actually think the Rogue is probably the best all around CUV for the target market/buyer. The Honda is simply outdated now. The Rogue is sort of the new CR-V.
"The seating position and the relationship to the controls brought to mind the BMW 3 Series."
HUH?  I know they really wanted the Mazda to win, but I have driven both and the 3 series in no way has a driving position like a Mazda CX5.  BS, Pure and simple.  Internet auto mags are just pathetic.
Am I missing something?  Where are the comparison charts?
"The 2.5's much-needed extra oomph does not exact a major penalty at the pump, as the CX-5 returns the best mileage of any non-CVT vehicle in this group"TRANSLATION:
We said this to try in any way to make the Mazda look better.  In other words, the Mazda was third in MPGs. 
I'm looking to replace A 2002 GMC Envoy which averages around 19 mpg combined driving. This CUV class is too small and the Highlander sized vehicle is no more efficient than mine 12 years later. I realize the Highlander is slightly larger than the Envoy but still the power train options are not very efficient yet. These CUV's are popular not for their utility so much as the lower price point vs more spacious but pricey to own larger units. I have settled on the 2015 updated Outback when it arrives as the least offensive replacement but am not happy with the choices available today.  Where are the reliable, affordable AWD wagons? VW has poor overall dependability long-term even though the diesel Sportwagen re-do looks good. Mazda won't bring the wagon Mazda 6 to the US. They also can't get their diesel to perform properly with US emissions. Subaru engines haven't been modernized yet, maybe their Toyota partnership will result in something for 2016. Toyota's new engine family is also a 2016 event for larger displacement needs. Overall really amazed what $30K doesn't buy these days.
Subaru didn't sell as many units as the CRV, but they also didn't product as many and their profit margin is a lot higher.

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