2015 Chevrolet Tahoe 4WD LTZ: Around The Block

Patrick M Hoey

Staying power

It's easy to dismiss the 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe as a relic from a bygone era. The SUV premiered when gas cost a buck a gallon, and its best years coincided with the first term of President George W. Bush. Yet General Motors managed to sell 83,502 Tahoes in 2013 along with 28,302 GMC Yukons. That's nearly equal to the U.S. sales of the similarly priced BMW 3-/4-series. No wonder GM deemed the vehicle worthy of another round of investment, resulting in the new 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe.

Big is beautiful

Chevrolet says the Tahoe's redesigned exterior is more aerodynamic, an accomplishment considering it looks more like a brick than ever. That's not to say it's overwrought. The 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe strikes us as a nice update of the cleanly styled, ruggedly handsome Chevy trucks of the 1990s. Several bystanders walked over to pay compliments as we parked for photography.

White-collar work

The 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe has a price tag to match its big and bold design. The truck starts at $45,890, which makes it more expensive than any of the cars in Chevrolet's lineup aside from the Corvette. Our loaded, four-wheel-drive Tahoe LTZ came in at $69,130.

For that price, the leather-trimmed interior has virtually every comfort and convenience feature one can think of -- rear seat entertainment, an eight-inch touch screen, power everything, heated everything. The interior design takes another step away from work truck toward luxury car, but some of the trim still falls short of expectations.

The main functional change inside is that the third-row seats now fold flat at the touch of a button. But they don't tuck into the floor and can't be removed. That means this big truck is far from ideal for hauling bulky items.

We've got the muscle

GM trucks have long been shockingly good to drive, and the new 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe only gets better. The steering, now electrically assisted, feels better than what you'll experience in most cars, as does the firm brake pedal. One place where the Tahoe can't hide its big truck bones is over rough pavement, where even the magnetic dampers (standard on the LTZ) can't keep occupants from jouncing about.

Chevrolet has managed to squeeze more fuel from the stone that is the small block. The standard 5.3-liter V-8, now direct injected, manages 18 mpg combined in EPA testing. That's only 1 mpg shy of what the smaller, aluminum-bodied Land Rover Range Rover Sport gets with two more gears and two fewer cylinders. The 2015 Ford Expedition promises more power from its turbo V-6, but we'd venture to guess that among most truck people the word "V-8" still reads as an advantage rather than a detriment.

A nice truck for people who like nice trucks

"Truck people" is the key demographic for the 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe. There's been no attempt with this redesign to win back the thousands of former customers who now drive large crossovers. For them, the Tahoe will feel like a blast from the past. But for that sizable core audience that genuinely desires the capability, style, and brute power of a large SUV, the 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe confidently says, "I'm here to stay. "

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe 4WD LTZ Specifications

Base price $45,890
Price as tested $69,130
Engine 5.3-liter V-8
Power 355 hp at 5600 rpm
Torque 383 lb-ft at 4100 rpm
Transmission Six-speed automatic
Drive Four-wheel
Cargo capacity (behind 1st/2nd/3rd row) 94.7/51.6/15.3
Fuel economy 16/22 mpg city/highway
BMW guy from SMF
Nice ad ... so how does it drive?  What is the real world mileage?  The rags today are so afraid of saying anything bad about cars they review ... apparently if they are critical the manufacturers will not lend them cars to test.  Pathetic ... as was this review ... bunk
Marc Hamady
Autocertif Sarl
William Burns
I have a Y2K GMC Yukon XL 2500 4X4 with 41,400 original one owner miles. Babied since new, but well worth it.
Darren Songfreid
The interior is lackluster
Andrew Egginton
No... How many people actually tow with one of these? Or go way off road, assuming they have 4WD... Everywhere else in the world (and you can discount the Middle East where the price of gas is irrelevant), people make do with sensibly-sized SUVs that are more space and fuel efficient - whether a hot or cold climate. Or better still, prove you don't have size issues and buy a car that is so much nicer to drive than a big, dumb truck :)
Vinny Aces
I believe so. Here's why. On American roads it has plenty of applications . Police, Fire departments and rental places. As for savvy conscious consumers looking for premium , great on gas vehicles maybe not a good choice. But I do enjoy hopping into them at the airport on vacation .
Tim Lucas
Unless they start making Minivans and crossovers that can tow 8,000lbs, yes, these are here to stay!
Richard Hostetler Jr.
I don't know if GM will make it through all of this recall mess and that makes me sad. I love Corvettes and like Cadillacs...
Dave Darlage
Yes of course they are.
Chris Hughson
Yes. Have been since the 60's will be til the 60's.
Abdulrahman Elmoujarkach
I love this size
Elliot Kroon Groeneveld
There will always be a need. To bad the government will force you to pay to play so much on it.
Ricardo Licon
I'd like one
Jason Gwardiak
I have a Yukon and it has been a champ. I'm afraid their future will be regulated to niche status by the gas prices and government. They are great to have tho
Robby Robinson
One of the best made and longest last vehicles on the road....mine is almost 20 and still runs like new.

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