2015 BMW X4 xDrive35i Review

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Hollywood loves a good franchise. The Avengers, Transformers, Fast and Furious, Spiderman, X-men, etc. It’s hard to argue with the logic behind them. Why risk a fortune on a new story and an unknown cast when you already have a proven commodity? BMW operates in much the same way these days. Sure, it’s bankrolling a few fascinating Indie projects, like the i3 and i8, but most of the automaker’s expansion comes from a few profitable body styles. This summer’s blockbuster with a familiar theme is the 2015 BMW X4.

The 2015 BMW X4 is a crossover coupe aimed, as always, at “young individualists.” It expands the theme of the BMW X6 into the fast-growing midsize crossover segment. It’s 7.7 inches shorter and 2.6 inches lower than the X6 but has the same hulking presence. The roofline, sweeping back dramatically over the rear doors, also apes the X6. Its front fascia is what most clearly sets it apart from its big brother, as familiar BMW features have been pinched into a sort of Angry Bird face.

The 2015 BMW X4 makes the same deal with the devil as do all coupe-like crossovers: you’ll need to rely on the backup camera (which costs $700 extra) to see what’s behind you, and the interior isn’t very spacious relative to the vehicle’s size. We feel obligated to note that the lighter and cheaper 3-series wagon offers more rear headroom and more cargo room with the seats folded down. Yet there’s no denying that the X4 is a handsome brute—brawny and sleek all at once. Where other automakers have tried and failed (see: Acura ZDX), BMW succeeds again.

Just as the X6 derives from the X5, so the 2015 BMW X4 shares its mechanical bits with the X3. The base engine is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder, and a 3.0-liter turbo six is optional. No diesel will be offered in the United States. The 300-hp inline-six in our xDrive35i test car is, as ever, smooth perfection, humming happily up to redline before the eight-speed automatic rips off a lightning-quick shift. Suspension tuning differs very little from the X3, as BMW (rightly) decided the crossover’s ride is stiff enough. Our test car, equipped with adjustable dampers, leaned very little as we drove through northern Spain at speeds comparable to what we’d done the day before in the smaller 4-series Gran Coupe. All-wheel drive comes standard on the X4, but it doesn’t incorporate the torque-vectoring rear-differential that affords the X6 its magical cornering capabilities. The crossover thus can’t hide its bulk on a winding road. The heavy steering probably intends to feel sporty but in fact amplifies the impression of mass.

Mind you, this handling and steering we’re complaining about is better than what you’ll find in the vast majority of crossovers and cars alike. This consistent BMW goodness, which also pervades the high-quality and ergonomically friendly interior, is ultimately what makes all this model proliferation acceptable. Just as movie goers can count on Johnny Depp to put in a good turn in the next Pirates of the Caribbean installment, car enthusiasts can pretty well assume a modern BMW is going to drive well, look nice, and have an upscale interior. Still, we can’t help but wish all this energy and talent were being poured into a more creative script.

2015 BMW X4

On Sale: June
Base Price: $45,625
Price As Tested: $61,275
Engines: 2.0L turbo I-4, 240 hp at 5000 to 6500 rpm, 258 lb-ft at 1450 to 4800; 3.0L I-6, 300 hp at 5800 to 6000, 300 lb-ft at 1200 to 5000
Transmission: 8-speed automatic
Drive: 4-wheel
Cargo capacity (seats up/down): 17.7/49.4 cu ft
Fuel economy (city/highway): 19-21/ 26-28 mpg (est.)
Rob C-G
Pretty nice. Had a 2010 X6 3.5 and it was a thoroughly enjoyable vehicle.  Make this in M trim and I am back there in the BMW X fold.
Michael Anderson
Marc Hamady, almost all bmws are rear wheel drive with xdrive as an option.
Michael Anderson
Lose the little foglights and it looks pretty good.
why does it take a 33% price premium in options to get a BMW up to the expected level of luxury?  $61K  for this pig? LMAO
the X6 made no sense and this carries on the tradition.  fat pig heavy CUV with no storage makes no sense.
Alain Rouleau
I will keep my X3 but the X4 looks good and brawny. The price is over the top though.
The front fascia is kind of awkward and bulbous but to me the overall silhouette is very nice almost sports carish. Where they've really screwed up is the name, BMW X4 x drive 35i. That my friends is a mouthful.
Torjan Ronhovde
Second dumbest car ever, just behind the x6.
Marc Hamady
All the BMWs need to go on a 500 lb diet, and they should be RWD with a Xdrive optional.
the face is ugly, the way the rear is done is ugly.. not sure what made you all call this a good looking vehicle with exception of the BMW badge. the new Nissan Murano interior looks ages better and seems to have gotten the memo that it's 2014 and the gauges don't need to be bare bones minimalist from 1985. i'd gladely give up the handling and just get eh Murano for 1/2 the cost of this disaster. the original Infiniti FX did the SUV coupe thing the best adn it's still the one to get - BMW's execution is barely a step above the 5 series GT which is the Pontiac Aztec of the luxury cars.please stop calling this beautiful - it's an abomination at best
Amirreza Mogharebi
ArAsh Asadi
Barakath Ali Sk
Nice colour
Amol Rathod
من عاشق بی ام دابیلیو هستم هرمدلش که باشه
Deyana Afg
It's so nice
Mattso Samsonite
Black Out The Grille
Lee Klein
So ugly to look at, it makes me queasy. Why would anyone buy this?
Mike Gergely
And people keep buying these ridiculous things
Jacob Jones
To each his own, but there are several vehicles in the 60s that are more focused on sport or utility than this hatchback..
I just threw-up. 
Steven Matthew Myers
Enough stupidity, BMW.
Richard Macintyre
Squeles? More like gasps. But I'm sure it looks wonderful to someone out there. Aside from the visually impared designer that is.
Karan Agrawal
This is going to be an awesome car....
German Rivera Jr.
No thanks, I'll take an Audi Quattro any day
Krishan Kumar
Steve Rothaug
They must be stopped.
Ajeesh M R Naidu
nice car
Another really ugly car cobbled together by BMW.  

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