2015 Hyundai Genesis Review

Scottsdale, Arizona—Before the 2015 Hyundai Genesis, we had grown accustomed to every automaker recounting the arduous struggle to make its latest-generation car lighter, more efficient, and as slippery as a basket of eels. This narrative happens to be as stimulating as a lecture on photosynthesis. The strategic use of hot-formed, high-strength steel and magnesium castings is exactly what we dream about at night once our mind has entertained itself with odd stories about carbon dioxide diffusion and sucrose accumulation.

Our introduction to the 2015 Hyundai Genesis included none of it. Instead, Hyundai executives spoke about giving the sedan more visual presence and greater substance. They invoked “cab-to-axle proportion,” the “wide, expansive” dash, overall roominess, and reduced racket. Yes, the topic of high-strength steel did come up, but only in relation to improved crashworthiness. Otherwise, the remaining emphasis was placed on the sedan’s technological content, which starts with a 9.2-inch LCD screen. And, of course, there’s the value equation that is synonymous with Hyundai.

The ’15 Genesis rides on an all-new platform that sees the wheelbase increased by 2.9 inches to 118.5 inches and an overall length that is only fractionally longer. “When we saw the package that came through, we were like: ‘Is this for real?’” design manager John Krsteski said. “That we could pull the cabin that far back and create that classic proportion” was a special opportunity. The sedan is 196.5 inches long, 74.4 inches wide, and 58.3 inches tall. Interior volume encompasses 107.7 cubic feet.

The fresh sheetmetal makes the outgoing model seem as stiff and primitive as early talking pictures. Despite the crisp, sleek lines, the first thing we noticed was the new model’s large, six-bladed, single-frame hexagonal grille. Whereas the first Genesis used a knockoff Mercedes-Benz countenance, we glimpsed the accumulation of conservatively colored test cars parked together in a secondary lot at The Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain and wondered, “What are Ford Fusions doing here?”

It was only a momentary, if reasonable, lapse. Nothing else about the two cars is similar. With its long hood and arching back, the Genesis could be from the House of Windsor. While we recognized no stylistic breakthrough, we nevertheless saw thoroughbreds instead of paint ponies during the next morning’s walkaround. Gracefulness typifies the Genesis, from how the front air intakes don’t gape to how the rear glass touches down as far back as possible without compromising the trunk’s usability. “This being a premium vehicle, we didn’t want to present a traditional three-box design,” Krsteski said.

A refined powertrain in either of two flavors

As before, there are two engines: the standard direct-injection 3.8-liter DOHC V-6 making 311 hp and 293 lb-ft of torque and the optional direct-injection 5.0-liter DOHC V-8 making 420 hp and 383 lb-ft (on premium fuel). Issuing a mellow, tenor-voiced report, the V-6 is more than adequate. Vociferating with bellicosity, the V-8 will kick some ass. An electronically controlled eight-speed automatic transmission is included with either powerplant, and paddle shifters are standard.

To distinguish between models, look closely at the alloy wheels. The delicate, paired spokes interlaced with a five-stemmed star indicate 18-inch rims and the V-6 (base price: $38,950). The elements of each 19-incher, while similarly themed, flow and undulate with greater exaggeration. One note we would appreciate on the V-8, which starts at $52,450 (both models have increased in price), is chrome door handles instead of body-colored ones. But that’s just us.

Neither hands nor feet are required for what Hyundai claims is the world’s first limb-free automatic trunk lid opener. No swish of foot or hand is required: only proximity within a few feet -- lasting longer than three seconds -- when the smart key is on one’s person. Likewise, another world’s-first claim is made for the CO2 control system. Developed after a Korean engineer found himself drowsing on the homeward drive, the system uses a sensor located under the glove box to monitor CO2 buildup. At 2000 parts per million, the cabin is automatically ventilated with fresh air.

Hyundai’s huffing and puffing is valid

Sweetly riding even on low-profile Kumho tires yet showing a hint of sportiness, the Genesis is such a pleasant and nice sedan, we have to ask why Buick didn’t have one just like it ten or even fifteen years ago. It’s comfortable and quiet, lovely inside, and important-looking outside. One of the few things we can fault it for is the lack of a rich smell with the V-8’s standard “Ultra Leather” upholstery. (But the ventilated seats were a boon on the long run down the Beeline Highway when returning to Scottsdale.)

Other available features include all-wheel drive with the V-6, a superb head-up display, and parking assistance. Lane departure and blind-spot detection cause the steering wheel to vibrate when you stray. The haptic response can be dialed down to a minimum level of intrusiveness or even shut off altogether. Meanwhile, the driver may choose among four modes of proceeding: eco, normal, sport, and snow.

In all, the 2015 Hyundai Genesis makes a persuasive argument to the buyer who disdains ostentation and appreciates value. The Genesis had been pushing the 20,000-unit sales barrier, but even better results can be expected. “We’re planning on selling a pretty good volume of this car,” product planning chief Mike O’Brien said, explaining how the development costs would also be recaptured as “know-how for the future” throughout the Hyundai lineup.

As a biologist might admit, there’s nothing sexy in basic processes. Yet as with capturing sunlight and carbon dioxide and producing oxygen as a byproduct, the result sure is nice.

2015 Hyundai Genesis

Base Price: $38,950/$52,450 (V-6/V-8)
Price As Tested: $49,950/$55,700 (V-6/V-8, including destination)
Engine: 5.0-liter DOHC V-8
Power: 420 hp @ 6000 rpm (est.)
Torque: 383 lb-ft @ 5000 rpm (est.)
Transmission 8-speed automatic
Drive: Rear- or all-wheel
Steering: Electronically assisted rack-and-pinion
Front suspension: Multilink, coil springs, gas shocks, anti-roll bar
Rear suspension: Multilink, coil springs, gas shocks, stabilizer bar
Brakes (front/rear): Ventilated disc/solid disc, ABS
Tires: 245/45R-18 (V-6), 245/40R-19 and 275/35R-19 (V-8)
L x W x H: 196.5 x 74.4 x 58.3 in
Wheelbase: 118.5 in
Track F/R: 64.1/65.3 in (18-inch tires), 63.8/64.3 in (19-inch tires)
Weight: 4138-4521 lb
Passenger Volume 107.7 cu ft
Cargo Volume: 15.3 cu ft
EPA Mileage: 18/29 mpg (V-6), 16/25 mpg (V-6 AWD), 15/23 mpg (V-8)
Lorrie Goldman
Oh and by the way here in Canada it just one the Motor Trend 2015 best  new luxury vehicle over $50K ! beating Mercedes Benz 300 !
Lorrie Goldman
...Maybe the people bashing this beautiful 2015 Genesis sedan...cant even afford the gas or insurance for it ! I can and did and in Canada its even more money and I still bought it and am loving it !
Chris Mclain
And FYI if it looks like a fusion(which is copied from Austin Martin) I don't think that's a major knock in style. I've seen a steel grey version of this car and looked every bit of a Austin Martin with a 100 k price reduction!,
Chris Mclain
I have owned a 2009 and now a 14 genesis. Both cars are beyond expectation and I have owned a few other luxury brands. I expect this to be no different. To say Hyundai is always stealing design elements is kinda goofy especially since 90 % of the car market looks similar. A Benz bimmer Audi or even Volkswagen all pretty much look interchangeable minus 1 or 2 models. I applaud Hyundai for going in a new direction and seeing how nice the cars really are in real life I'll buy this one too.
I would buy the Genesis 2.0 if it was offered in a V8 with AWD option!  But sadly, Hyundai chose to offer AWD option to the V6 only!  Not sure why Hyundai thinks that the V6 would sell better then the V8.  Most people prefer a V8 with AWD up North here!  Nobody buys a luxury sedan and an AWD V6 unless they just don't have the money to upgrade to the V8!Just hope Hyundai offers an AWD option in a V8 the next few years!   I think it is a strange choice however for Hyundai to do it in reverse! They should of switch the two around so the V8 had AWD option in the first year and then offer the AWD in a V6!  That would make more sense!After looking at the photos; the white car is the V6 inside with the smaller 18" wheels and the blue car has the 19" wheels and V8 inside.  It so sad!
Christian Schmidt
Hyundai is coming up with some decent rides but this is a little to much of copies of other cars. But good that it is not copying the super fugly General Manure Ghettollac styling
Gregory Seupaul
What is it with new cars and the "pouty fish lips" look? I'm assuming it has something to do with crash safety, but jeez it's ugly. Even Mercedes-Benz is guilty of it.
For anyone that says "Its still a Hyundai", you have to realize that there is a car for everyone. There are many people that are well off and would not even think to spend so much money for Mercedes, BMW or etc brands/models with the same specs as the new Hyundai Genesis, and proudly choose the Hyundai over the other brands. 
Most people that do buy the "luxury brands" only look at the badge that the car has on it thinking it will make them a better person. I have a '13 Hyundai Genesis and do not regret the purchase at all. Awesome warrantee, road side assistance, reliability (nowadays), good gas mileage, cheap insurance ($25/month from Insurance Panda), etc. I am a car girl and like all types of cars from classic to modern, that includes cars that are way out of my price range like Lambos and the like. 
When I hear/read someone say "Its still a Hyundai" that makes me think what kind of person is this? Snob? To tell you the truth, there are so many MB E250s, BMW 3series and etc one the road, (yes I do like those as well) I am also glad I went with my Hyundai Genesis so I am different. When sitting a stop light most times I can count a handful of say a BMW 3series. What fun is it driving around and seeing a mirror image of the car your driving?
Everyone here trying to troll on how this Genesis looks like copies of multiple designs.  I see them trying hard...any small resemblance to any design on earth will not be tolerated!! LOL!   You guys have some vivid imagination, but I can guarantee most of you drive nothing more than Chevys, Toyotas or played out Nissans.  
Takahiro Oshita
Thanks for point out.I had thought that this is GENESIS.I seldom see Hyudai car in Japan.
خودروهای شهر باران
Giovanni Huang
That's the Equus, not Genesis.
Francisco Alvarez
Looks like a crash betwen a chrysler and nissan altima
Krishanu Sacredfired Dutta
No it's Bentley
Gary Cvitanovich
From just the pic I Hate it! It looks like a Chrysler. And , I drive a Hyundai
Marc Hamady
Not bad
Jeremy Wong
Looks a lot like a grill from a Peugeot
Santhosh George
Vats the price? Has it come to india?
Erwin Ellis Martin
thought it was a chrysler 200! lol
Evan Forbes
Haters, if you have nothing good to say! Stay of the page. Good job Hyundai, keep getting better every time.
Michael Anderson
What did they do, plaster that grill on with scotch tape?
Erik Summa
John Krafcik was smart to leave before having to make this one work.
John Egerman
Curtis Hutchison
Randall Owen
Ford Fusion copy!
Lee Klein
Hyundai+luxury car is just plain weird. I can't see it being a big success. Last time I looked at an Equus the materials weren't nice. Maybe that has changed.
Mà Lìik
Like Chrysler =D
Chris Whitton
David Wilson
Homer Simpson-mobile.
Reece Clark
Knockoff, just like every Hyundai
Bryant Matthews
I'm sorry but three equus still lines top spot for me
Abhinav Nandi
ever wondered wt would happen if audi A7 was breeded with mercedes S class??? This is the answer!
Hanky Thanh Ls Han
led same audi& mec
Abdullatif Moukaddem
The front fascia of the latter model was more luxurious.
Leoghann MacAlister
They did so well with the Sonata, but this is not a good design. They were trying to do impact, and got ungainly.
Stephen Swarts
Mazda 6 meets Mercedes s class.
Craig Stishenko
Hyundai! Get some style of you own!!! Nothing else you make has a grille like that. Why put it on this car alone? No matter how much you doll them up, I'll NEVER buy a Hyundai or Kia... poor copies of well designed cars.
Craig Stishenko
What is with their hideous knock off half assed copies of other brands. This is a cross between a 300c and an a8.
Jorge Flores
I thought it was a chrysler
Justin Taylor
If you thought it was a Chrysler than you don't know your Chrysler.
Alex Rosa
It's actually really nice!
Mark Pierzynski
Why is the photo of a Chrysler?
Rick Mente
I saw the hood ornament, and I thought it was a Chrysler...That is not a good thing.
It's just really cool
Želimir Blažević
No image.
Steven M. Myers
Who would want to get caught in something as unattractive as that?
Shusaku Yamasita
Copy of Chrysler300 and it's just rubbish !!
Ken Mason
looks like they forgot to style the nose, the rest of the design is gentle curves, the nose is lines. .. it doesn't work for me on an otherwise attractive mid-range sedan.
and Ford Fusion is an Aston Martin copy.
If Hyundais are nothing but knockoffs like you said, they wouldn't  have market shares like they do now.  FYI Hyundai/Kia is NO 5 ranked automotive manufacture in the world.  

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