Driven: 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible

Putting the top down requires untwisting a central latch before activating the adjacent power top switch. Like many of the better-designed convertibles today, the top stacks neatly enough in its well that one doesn't really need to bother attaching the soft boot -- which is good, because I never did. The lowered top does eat up some of the trunk space, and the trunk isn't that big to begin with (there's a divider thing so you know not to put luggage in its way).

Having the top down sheds more light onto the otherwise cave-like interior, and that may not be a good thing, because it exposes all the hard, grained plastic found on the dash, console, and door panels of even the uplevel 2SS model. The retro dash design, however, with its deep-set squared-off gauges, is pretty cool. Some people have criticized the location of the auxiliary gauges down on the console, but that's a nod to the original car and the fact that those gauges are not in your direct line of vision doesn't really matter because it's not stuff you need to obsessively monitor anyway. Once again, I loved the head-up display (which is standard on the 2SS); it's even more useful in the convertible, because the radio display washes out in the sunlight.

As with the coupe, the Camaro convertible offers a whole lot of performance and style for not a whole lot of money ($37,500, for a base SS). If you like the coupe, you'll like the convertible at least as much, and if you don't like the coupe, the convertible probably won't tip the balance. Its crosstown rival, the Ford Mustang GT, is probably a bit easier to live with on a daily basis, but that won't matter one bit if you're someone who likes the Camaro better or, maybe more importantly, someone who lusted after the original Camaro and not the original Mustang.

I think the Camaro was already looking pretty dated, but with this new convertible version, I have to say, it looks pretty dated.
Camaro's, like they always have since the 70's, just look cheaply built to me .. the paint quality always seems less glossy, the plastic parts stick out like a sore thumb ... the interior .. don't even get me started on it ...

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