Comparison: 2011 Infiniti QX56 vs. 2011 Lexus LX570

A. J. Mueller

How much is it?

The Infiniti QX56's $72,560 sticker price might seem high, but it's a fully loaded model, and that price still undercuts the LX570's base price by $5980. At $87,274 fully loaded, our LX570 tester is more expensive than every other competitor in its class. That $14,714 price difference is hard to justify, as the options lists for the Infiniti and the Lexus are almost identical. Both include rear-seat entertainment systems (though the LX570 has two screens, where the QX56 has only one), trick cameras that show all around the car, premium sound systems (Bose in the Infiniti, Mark Levinson in the Lexus), and keyless entry with push-button start.

What the Lexus LX570 has over the Infiniti QX56 is a number of different off-roading features, such as a variable-rate crawl mode and an adaptable air suspension. It also has another important feature for many people: a Lexus badge. Infiniti is making big strides, but the Lexus brand reputation and prestige paired with sumptuous interiors and a top-notch dealer experience keep Toyota's luxury buyers coming back car after car. Is the value of Lexus ownership equal to the value of one Hermes Birkin bag? These are the questions that try men's' souls....

Advantage: Infiniti QX56

The author is incorrect on a couple of points. (1) stating that the QX56 only has one rear video monitor as it has two. (2) As with the LX 570, the Infiniti QX56 with the Deluxe Touring Package features Semi Aniline leather seating as well.
I love the LX570. However... I'd skip over both of these and just get a Land Cruiser. Its not exactly a Spartan car either. Though the LX has the best interior this side of a Range Rover (and even then it gives it a run for its money)

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