First Drive: 2012 Ferrari FF

Yeah, yeah, we know -- you hate hatchbacks and wagons. Mmm-hmm. We’ll pretend to listen -- and we’ll even ignore that crossover parked in your driveway. You know, the one with the hatch in back and the station-wagon shape? Whatevs, ya big hypocrites.

Europeans aren’t closeted in their hatchback love so, yeah, Ferrari built a wagon. A shooting brake, technically -- because it has only two side doors -- like the BMW Z3 and Z4 “coupes” of the last decade. Like the BMWs, Ferrari’s shooting brake isn’t exactly beautiful to our eyes, but it is, however, badass awesome looking. For the record, it looks a lot better on the road than it does in photos -- and your author loves it in ways and wants to lick it in places that aren’t suitable to describe even on the Internet.

If the polarizing body isn’t enough of a shock, the FF is also the first-ever four-wheel-drive Ferrari. Consider it a double-whammy on the wow chart. Considering Ferrari’s run of spectacular cars over the past few years, there’s one total non-surprise: it’s spectacular to drive.

Let’s examine Ferrari’s FF piece by piece.

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Ferrari wagon, Porsche 4 door... What next? A Lamborghini minivan or maybe a Lotus Hummer? It *is* nice to see high end and exotic car manufacturers taking care of our rich friends and their needs. For example, it's hard to get those mega-packs of toilet paper from Costo home in a classy sports car. Wait, did I just say the FF and Panamera aren't classy? Shame on me!

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