A Bugatti Journey

As for any complaints we once had about driving the Veyron? Everything's been fixed. The Super Sport's suspension has been completely revised and now provides a luxury-car ride. Like the brand itself, the once-dead steering has been brought to life -- and is now magnificently communicative, with carefully metered on-center feel and a progressive buildup of effort and feedback as you approach the absurdly high cornering limits. The Super Sport turns into corners instantly, almost like a Lotus Elise, and settles into throttle-adjustable neutral balance through sweepers. All immediate indications of the car's heft have been eliminated from behind the wheel.

The larger turbos are far slower to wake than the Veyron's, but the wait is amply rewarded. Off the line, all four tires explode into wheel spin when boost hits, and as the power gauge swings past 900 hp, you can catch your circulatory system off-guard and start to go faint. Full-throttle acceleration actually hurts.

Then you get out and look at the Veyron Super Sport. It's beautiful. It's compromise free. It's magnificent. The more you look -- under the car, in the door jambs, everywhere -- the more details you discover. Unfailingly, each detail is in itself a work of art. It is precisely this fact that makes the Veyron a real Bugatti. The performance numbers speak for themselves. Perhaps some other companies have occasionally made automobiles of such exceptional beauty, maybe even when examined down to each nut, bolt, and electrical connector. But none has ever married that artistic merit with incomparable, record-shattering, but never-breaks-a-sweat performance like this. It is that combination that creates a Bugatti.

The Specs
PRICE: €1.65 million (approx. $2.2 million)
ENGINE: 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged W-16, 1200 hp, 1106 lb-ft
DRIVE: 4-wheel
TOP SPEED: 258 mph (electronically limited)

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