The Texas Mile

Don Sherman
A. J. Mueller


235.2 MPH
An unmodified Gallardo will run less than 160 mph in the mile, but Richard Holt's twin-turbocharged Gallardo set the record here last year at 250.1 mph with no advanced safety equipment. He spun out at the end of that run-just as he did on many earlier runs, so officials required him to install a roll cage this year. They probably saved his life in doing so: after crossing the mile marker at 235.2 mph, Holt deployed his parachute. It's hard to tell for sure what happened next, but it appears that the chute forced the twin-turbo, 1900-hp Gallardo sideways and off the track. Once in the dirt, the number 0013 Lambo flipped end-over-end five times, at one point hurtling itself more than twenty feet in the air. It was caught on video, of course, so you can see it for yourself on YouTube. The Lamborghini disintegrated in the accident, but Holt was uninjured except for a scratch on his thumb. The crashes are bigger in Texas-but thankfully, so is the luck. Even for number 13.

Toyota Cressida

122.9 mph
Gordon Duax's 1990 Cressida was one of the few normally aspirated, non-nitrous cars here. His car revs to the moon-8500 rpm-courtesy of a bunch of engine mods he did himself. The 3.0-liter straight-six uses 12.5:1 Cosworth pistons and breathes through oversize valves and 272-degree cams. The entire car rocks at idle from the engine's awesome lope. The four-speed automatic remains, and with a new, shorter 5.29:1 rear axle, he hoped to beat his previous 135-mph run here. Unfortunately, the engine blew-a pain, because this 91,000-mile Cressida is his daily driver. Still, Duax laughed it off, saying he's always wanted to try even higher, 14:1 compression pistons. Atta boy

Ford Mustang Diesel

205.0 mph
On the outside, it looks like a standard 1994 Ford Mustang, but Mike Wood's car is anything but. With a 427-cubic-inch Duramax diesel squeezed into a Wolfe Race Craft tube-frame chassis, this Mustang sounds like an old school bus and smokes like a BBQ pit. Wood says what's great about the Texas Mile is that "nothing's too weird." Apparently, that includes 1100-hp diesel Mustangs running 48 psi of boost, a 1500-shot of nitrous, and 205 mph in a standing mile.

Cadillac Eldorado

137.3 mph
Mac McClanahan entered his 1972 Cadillac as an art car-a special class of vehicles with alleged artistic value. If you don't think the eight exhaust pipes sticking up from the 600-hp, 502-cubic-inch V-8 constitute art (we do), then get a load of the backstory-McClanahan got the car from a body shop where it was left behind by an owner convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. To create his patina-dressed masterpiece of automotive art, McClanahan ran the Caddy at the Bonneville Salt Flats before bringing it to the Texas Mile. Next up is a demolition derby before the front-wheel-drive flyer is parked for good.

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