First Drive: 2012 Audi A7 3.0T Quattro

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In terms of styling, though, the interior leaves little to be desired. Swooping surfaces of wood break up the dashboard into multiple contours, and there's a small vertical swash of wood, a la Jaguar XJ, at the base of the windshield that allows the dash upper surface to be brought down, enhancing the feeling of spaciousness. A new type of wood, a striped light oak veneer, looks particularly Scandinavian, as if Ikea suddenly went upmarket and consulted with Audi on the design. It's very chic.

Like the new A8, the navigation screen rises from the dash, and it's a relatively large (eight-inch) high-resolution screen that can now display Google Earth images (in 2D or 3D birds-eye view). An additional LCD panel between the analog speedometer and tachometer displays all kinds of information -- too much, perhaps -- directly in front of the driver. And like other upscale Audis, there's an optional (and surely fabulously expensive) 1300-watt, 15-speaker Bang + Olufsen sound system with gorgeous motorized tweeters that rise out of the dashboard. The system is worth the upgrade for the looks alone, but the base Bose system (14 speakers, 600 watts) sounds flat enough that the B+O is a requirement for any audio fan.

Some upgrades that might not be worth the extra money: a parking assist system. We still think that if you can't park your car, you probably shouldn't be driving it. With that said, if you need help squeezing into a tight spot, this system can shoehorn the A7 into a spot only 31 inches longer than the car. You'd better budget some extra time, because like all of these systems, any good parker could accomplish the same in a fraction of the time, but Audi's system is particularly flexible and forgiving: it'll guide the car into the spot in multiple passes, and won't cancel if you accidentally creep forward or backward while it asks you to stay stationary as it turns the wheel in the opposite direction. It'll also help you get out of a tight parking spot, which might be its most useful feature.

How can I order one to be delivered to the US before the release? I want it within the next 2-3 months! Oh, and I will be paying CASH for it!
Meh. Looks better than a Porsche Panamera atleast...
I've long been a fan of Audi styling, but these oversized hatchbacks aren't going to fool anyone. The style is too awkward, hatches are already second-class citizens in the car world and $60K is a lot of money. If you get a chance to actually see one of these on the road, count yourself lucky. This product will last only as long as Audi can stand to ship units annually in the 4-digit range.
I don't know about this one. There's just seems to be something not right about it. For instance... why is there so much front overhang?The big wide and long overhang reminds me of the Buick Lucerne.

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