Identity Crisis: 2011 Honda CR-Z

That sounds just like the CR-Z, now doesn't it?
Of course, it was the presence of the Si that cemented the CRX's place in the cool car hall of fame. Without an Si variant, the CR-Z hasn't yet secured its spot. We'll wait impatiently for Honda to stuff one of its signature 8000-rpm screamers under the hood of the CR-Z, but in the meantime, we think both the dudes and the dorks can find a lot to love about this little car. It proves that we're officially past the point where hybrids have to be nerdilicious, single-purpose fuel-economy machines. The CR-Z is a hybrid solely because that's this millennium's way of achieving the CRX's performance/economy balance. Welcome back, CRX -- now where is that Si?

Comparatively Speaking: Top Fuel Misers*
Toyota Prius: 50 mpg
Honda Civic Hybrid: 42 mpg
Honda Insight: 41 mpg
Ford Fusion Hybrid: 39 mpg
Mercury Milan Hybrid: 39 mpg
Honda CR-Z CVT: 37 mpg
Smart ForTwo: 36 mpg
Lexus HS250h: 35 mpg
Audi A3 TDI: 34 mpg
Nissan Altima Hybrid: 34 mpg
Toyota Camry Hybrid: 34 mpg
Volkswagen Golf TDI: 34 mpg
Volkswagen Jetta TDI: 34 mpg
*EPA Combined ratings for 2010 models, except CR-Z, which is a 2011

2011 Honda CR-Z Price (base/as tested) $19,950/$23,310

Engine: 16-valve SOHC I-4
Displacement: 1.5 liters (91 cu in)
Motor: 13-hp DC
Horsepower: 122 hp @ 6000 rpm (combined)
Torque: 128/123 lb-ft @ 1000 rpm (combined; manual/CVT)

6-speed manual, CVT


Steering: Electrically assisted
Suspension, Front: Strut-type, coil springs
Suspension, Rear: Torsion beam, coil springs
Brakes F/R:Vented discs/discs, ABS
Tires: Dunlop SP Sport 7000AS
Tire Size: 195/55VR-16

L x W x H: 160.6 x 68.5 x 54.9 in
Wheelbase: 95.9 in
Track F/R: 59.6/59.1 in
Weight: 2654 lb
Weight Dist., F/R: 59/41%
EPA Milage: 31/37 mpg (manual), 35/39 mpg (CVT)

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The CRZ is not viable as a hot hatch, and fails as a hybrid. It makes no sense to own, unless you just plain love it; but even that's a strech because when you see it in person, it's ugly. Like the Insight, it's lame and poorly done - dangerous territory for Honda's good name. Honda, fix your product line or face the consequences of having the other guys eat your lunch. Your next car had better be good - is that why you delayed the next Civic? If so, it might be your best move in years....
Dare I ask the 0-60 time or is that just too old school to even be considered for a reply?
Put the Si engine in this thing and ditch the hybrid part and you got yourself something. Shameful to have a such a cutting edge little hatchback and saddle it with green-natzi power plant.

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