Driven: 2011 Infiniti QX56

Perhaps the coolest feature is at once both an indulgence and a potential lifesaver. Connect an air hose to the QX56's standard twenty-inch or optional twenty-two-inch tires and start pumping. When the tire pressure approaches the correct level, the hazard lights flash; when the correct pressure is reached, the horn sounds. If the tire is overinflated, the system works in reverse as you bleed out air. This is a Really Good Idea that needs to trickle down into cars that Real People drive.

No Head Banging Here
In Infiniti's new Hydraulic Body Motion Control system, part of the $5800 deluxe touring package, the upper chambers of the dampers on one side of the vehicle are cross-linked to lower chambers on the other side, and vice versa. This creates counteracting forces to resist body lean, minimize roll, and reduce head toss for rear-seat occupants, thereby curtailing motion sickness. QX56s thus equipped have no antiroll bars, so another benefit is greater wheel articulation over rough terrain, in the unlikely event that a QX56 owner should engage low range on the optional four-wheel-drive system and go off-roading.

ON SALE: August
PRICE: $57,650/$60,750 (RWD/4WD)
ENGINE: 5.6L V-8, 400 hp, 413 lb-ft
DRIVE: Rear- or 4-wheel

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