Specter Werkes Corvette GTR vs SLP Camaro ZL575 - Bow Tie Bullets

Don Sherman
A. J. Mueller

The basic ZL575 package costs $22,995 and can be purchased through any Chevy dealer. (Starting with the L99 V-8 used with the six-speed automatic yields 550 hp and ZL550 badges.) With all the options, the total surcharge rises to $32,320. Hamburger intends to limit the production run to 500 units, split equally between manual and automatic cars.

The SLP conversion boosts performance from the Camaro realm into the Corvette's orbit. Minimizing the cloud of tire smoke during a launch can hurtle the car to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and through the quarter mile in 12.9 seconds at 118 mph. Top speed is stuck at 158 mph because of the factory governor (which SLP will lift to 190 if you opt for even pricier Brembo calipers), but 30-to-70-mph passing times are 1.5 seconds quicker than in the stock Camaro SS. We recorded no significant gain in cornering or braking capability, in part because the ZL package adds more than 100 pounds to the car's curb weight.

The best part is the baritone growl that bores deep into your soul. There's a lovely burble on overrun and minimal drone during cruising. Ride motions are more vibrant than stock but quite tolerable. The ZL575's steering delivers quick, confident moves with virtually no body roll. Dropping a few gears, cocking the wheel, and nailing the throttle lights the rear tires quicker than you can say Zippo.

Now that most of GM's energy is devoted to staying alive, we're lucky to have Nowicki, Hamburger, and other competent tuners to fan the eternal small-block flame.

These sound like some really slow numbers compared to results posted on stock Corvette and Camaro numbers found elsewhere. These numbers are lower than those reported for stock Chevys.Maybe provide links for reference.

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