2010 Rolls Royce Ghost - Paranormal Activity

Richard Newton

Design Analysis: 2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost
- Robert Cumberford

It's not easy to design a Rolls-Royce. Tradition absolutely must be respected, yet some distinct changes to show "newness" should be incorporated. The Ghost's designers have done an adequate job of reconciling these requirements while introducing one truly radical innovation: the grille is not a rigid, vertical chrome Parthenon anymore. That's good. The side treatment, while a variation of that on BMW's first R-R, the Phantom sedan, is entirely too reminiscent of the Opel Insignia. I find the interior insufficiently traditional, so this is not quite the result I hoped for in a "popular" Rolls. Give it 9.2 out of 10.

1 A far cry from the much-admired British razor-edge styling of yore, the highly rounded roof actually seems a little puffy.

2 This character crease is entirely too common these days, adding little to the overall composition while losing linearity.

3 Leaning, curved grille, completely inset and flush with the surface, is a radical change but works very nicely.

4 Which cannot be said of this slab of chrome between the radiator opening and the huge air intake below.

5 The headlamp cluster is perfectly proportioned with the grille and greatly improves upon the pig-eye look of the Phantom.

6 Taillights seem just a touch too small for the car, but they were no doubt chosen to emphasize the volume of the body.

7 Sporty exhaust tips are beautifully shaped and integrated but do seem incongruous and somehow inappropriate on a Rolls-Royce.

8 Traditional round chrome air vents provide highly desirable continuity with a glorious past.

9 As do these haphazardly placed speaker grilles, a nice return to the casual ergonomics of classic British interior design.

10 This is just plain wrong. The wood follows forms more suitable to plastic moldings, although no one doubts that it is genuine timber.

Those exhaust tips seem no more inappropriate to me on a Rolls than the 4.7 sec 0-60 mph time. :PThis is the first ultra-lux sedan I've found myself desiring.

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