First Drive: 2010 Spyker C8 Aileron

It's no secret that Spyker is looking to become into a more grown-up automaker, what with its unprecedented bid to take control of Saab from General Motors. But even if that effort fails, we can expect to see more from the plucky Dutch sports car builder in the form of the new C8 Aileron.

Spyker calls the Aileron the second generation of the C8, which debuted in 2002 and has since had a production run of about 250 units. That's a bit misleading. Though the Aileron follows the same basic formula as the original C8 Spyder with a mid-engine layout, aluminum frame, and Audi-sourced, 400-hp, 4.2-liter V-8 (an older, non-direct-injected version of the engine found in the R8), it's an entirely new car with a very different mission. Whereas the original C8 might be best described as the Netherlands' answer to the Shelby Cobra and Dodge Viper, the Aileron is meant to be a relaxed grand tourer, more comfortable cruising briskly along a two-lane highway than storming around a circuit. The length has been stretched by 17 inches and the track considerably widened, resulting in a weight gain of more than 400 pounds. Though the cabin is still delightfully free of touch screens and black plastic, there will be modern amenities, including windows that power all the way down and navigation. All Ailerons will be fitted with a six-speed torque converter automatic transaxle. "We took a look at what the customers wanted next, and what they were saying was they wanted the power options, they wanted a different feel," said dealer relations manager Vinny Russo.

Just starting the Aileron is a thrilling process. First, flick up a red cover in the middle of the gorgeous, engine turned aluminum dash, which reveals a toggle switch that must be switched on. Then, and only then, can you press the start button. Yet more switches operate the windshield wipers, hazard lights, and exhaust baffles. Despite this sort of drama, the hand-built Aileron hardly feels like a one-off custom car. Though our test car was only the fourth Aileron to come off the line in Coventry, England, it exhibited commendably few squeaks and rattles. Even when set to bypass the mufflers, the Audi V-8 is civilised and reasonably subdued at highway speeds. Overall, the Aileron is comfortable and accommodating enough that it's not hard to imagine an owner -- no doubt accompanied by his blond trophy wife - going off on a long, luxurious road trip, a desire Spyker will happily accommodate by offering custom-built Louis Vuitton suitcases costing $27,000.

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imo this is one of the most beautiful car i've ever seen
What gorgeous interior craftsmanship!

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