2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 and 2009 Ferrari F430 Spider - Express Delivery

With that said, when the F430 is driven in anger, the F1 transmission is quicker to respond to inputs than E-gear. Shifts seem to happen as you're pulling the lever in the Ferrari, whereas the Lamborghini's transmission needs a split second to think about how to most smoothly execute the shift.

The Ferrari is also the road-trip car of this pair. Its huge trunk (relatively speaking) fits a large pizza lying flat and would surely carry enough luggage for long weekends. The same cannot be said for the Lambo, which can barely swallow a couple of calzones. The F430, even in convertible form, is quieter on the highway than the Gallardo, with less road noise. It rides more smoothly, too, although its softer suspension is upset more easily by big impacts. The Ferrari's more conservatively styled exterior (I can't believe I just wrote that) attracts far less attention than the outrageous Lamborghini - for every one person honking, waving, or taking cell-phone pictures of the Ferrari, ten people experience complete emotional breakdowns at the sight of the Lambo.

The Gallardo LP560-4 is a peach in everyday driving and the easy choice for around-town pizza delivery duty, thanks to its superbly sorted driveline and well-integrated electronics. At the same time, its obscene power, razor-sharp reflexes, and knee-buckling good looks make it one of the most special cars in the world. It's quicker and faster than the Ferrari, too, and it even gets better gas mileage. In fact, averaging more than 12 mpg delivering pizzas in a hurry, I made more than enough tip money to cover the Lamborghini's fuel bill.

The Thin Crust Version
When you boil it down, here's how the two Italian supercars compare in everyday driving.

The Gallardo LP560-4 accelerates noticeably more quickly than the F430, and its transmission is far better programmed for the real world. The Lamborghini also has better steering feel, but the Ferrari's steering loads up better in corners. Both cars have grabby brakes, but the Lambo's are much harder to get used to. The Gallardo has four-wheel drive, but it never seems to send more than two ponies' worth of power forward. On the street, both cars put their power down quite well, with a slight advantage to the LP560-4. The Ferrari's turning circle is smaller, and the Lambo's driveline is frustrated by tight turns. The LP560-4 is louder and more menacing, but the F430's song is sweeter. The Gallardo's stereo sounds better, though.

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