2009 Infiniti G37

November 20, 2008
0812 01 Z+2009 Infiniti G37+coupe And Sedan
Infiniti has replaced the G35, its BMW 3-series-fighting sedan, with the G37. As you'd imagine, the G37 uses the 3.7-liter V-6 from the sexy G37 coupe; in the sedan, it produces 2 hp less due to different exhaust routing. Still, at 328 hp, the new G37 four-door makes 22 hp more than did the G35's V-6, and its power output beats both the BMW 328i and the twin-turbo 335i. Infiniti's VHR (or very high rev) engine takes a page right out of BMW's book by using valve lift to do the job of a conventional throttle, and the resulting fuel economy dividend means that the extra horses are cost-free, at least at the pump: the 2009 G37 should receive the same EPA ratings as last year's G35.
0812 02 Z+2009 Infiniti G37+interior
Unless you're talking about the automatic transmission version, that is. Thanks to two additional gear ratios - a seven-speed unit first seen in the FX - the automatic G37's ratings are expected to jump by 1 mpg city and 2 mpg highway, to 18 mpg and 26 mpg, respectively. The new gearbox shifts quickly and smoothly, with beautifully rev-matched downshifts, and is available with steering-column-mounted shift paddles. As an added benefit, the automatic helps damp some of the unpleasant vibrations from the V-6, which has become quite coarse as it's grown in displacement and output.
On the two-door front, the sexy G37 coupe, which was launched last year, not only receives the optional seven-speed automatic, it's available with all-wheel drive, too. The G37x coupe, like the G37x sedan, isn't available with a manual transmission, and both models ride about half an inch higher than their rear-wheel-drive counterparts. Luckily, the added traction comes with no other drawbacks; Infiniti's all-wheel-drive system favors the rear wheels, so neither torque steer nor excessive understeer mar the driving experience.
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The addition of the G37x coupe marks the first time that every Infiniti model is available with all-wheel drive. This moment in history, though, will likely last only until the final G derivative, the G37 convertible, hits the market in the middle of next year. Infiniti knows its enemy - BMW - well, and we suspect that the hardtop convertible, just like its 3-series rival, will be available with rear-wheel drive only.


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2009 Infiniti G37

Base RWD 4-Dr Sedan V6
starting at (MSRP)
3.7L V6
Fuel Economy
18 City 26 Hwy
2009 Infiniti G37