2008 Subaru Impreza and 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer

Sam Smith


While either one of these cars would be a fine choice for daily transportation, the needs of most people-ok, most people we hang out with-are a little more complex than that. As such, we tend to be drawn towards the Impreza. The Lancer offers a lot for the money, but the Subaru is simply more fun, and it feels much better built. It may look like a boring, staid appliance, but under the skin, it's mostly the same old Impreza we know and love. Yes, we'd rather hang out with the Lancer Evo and the WRX STI than either one of these two cars-Marcia, after all, was the hot one-but the compromises of real life mean that such things aren't always possible. Thankfully, despite the fugly glasses and the social stigma, Jan Brady ain't all that bad. On the contrary: no matter what badge is on her hood, she's actually one hell of a decent date.

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