2013 Jaguar XJL Portfolio AWD - Surprisingly Maneuverable… and a Curious Smell

February 17, 2014
2013 Jaguar Xjl Profile Snow
Long-Term 2013 Jaguar XJ-Series Update - WINTER 2014 (1 OF 1)
Miles To Date: 14,616
"This lengthy, wide, heavy sedan is remarkably easy to drive."
December was cold and snowy, but it was an otherwise routine month for our 2013 Jaguar XJL, which continues to be the most luxurious (and among the most reliable) cruisers in our Four Seasons fleet.
Properly shod with Bridgestone Blizzaks and WeatherTech FloorLiner Digital mats, the XJL has been a comfortable and capable sled for the winter. The Jaguar spent plenty of time chauffeuring us to local events in style, such as a night out on the town with associate web editor Jake Holmes. Ann Arbor not a large city, but its downtown area is notoriously tight on parking spaces, so Holmes was initially apprehensive when he was handed the key fob to the XJ for the night. That changed as the evening went on.
“I thought it was unfortunate that I ended up with our long-wheelbase Jaguar on the one night of the week I was headed downtown,” he said. “Yet this lengthy, wide, heavy sedan is remarkably easy to drive and, somehow, feels much smaller than it is.”
That sentiment has been common among the magazine staff, but we have been able to wedge the XJL into crowded parking lots, narrow side streets, and tight driveways with little trouble. And happily, the car’s striking green paint remains without scratch or blemish.
Holmes, did detect one odd quirk, however.
“On a side note—and this is neither a complaint nor an insult, just an observation—the XJL has a very peculiar scent in its cabin,” he observed.“If I had to pick a name, I'd call it, ‘Old Lady Perfume.’ I suppose, though, that's an appropriate flavor for the inside of a green Jaguar XJL.”
If that’s the worst that happens, we’ll happily vent the windows and enjoy driving our decadent Jaguar.

Long-Term 2013 Jaguar XJ-Series Reviews to Date:

2013 Jaguar XJL Portfolio AWD - Surprisingly Maneuverable… and a Curious Smell
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Photo Gallery

  • We selected British Racing Green, and we’re glad we did. It shows up great in the snow.
  • Thanks to winter tires, our sedan maintained grip even when we strayed from the main roads.
  • When it wasn’t snowing, we dealt with fog in the XJL.
  • Luckily, our XJL came with xenon headlights, which cut through the murk and gloom.
  • The British Racing Green livery stands out, especially in warmer weather.
  • Before winter set in, we enjoyed flexing the 340-hp V-6 engine.
  • The tan leather has so far remained in good condition.
  • We found the seats to be supportive, and the headrests were comfortable for most of our staff.
  • The LED taillights kept us visible at speed.
  • Our Jaguar coped with record snowfall in Michigan.
  • The six-cylinder engine and all-wheel drive proved to be a sure-footed in the snow.
  • With the longer wheelbase model, we were able to provide our passengers with more leg room.
  • The wide rear compartment also offered plenty of room for hauling long items, should the need arise.
  • If need be, you could go three-wide in the back seat.

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