2013 Subaru BRZ - Rekindling the Flame

March 28, 2013
2013 Subaru Brz Night Parking Lot Snow
Long-Term 2013 Subaru BRZ Update - SPRING 2013 (1 OF 2)
Miles to Date: 13,948
It's fairly common that our feelings toward the sports cars in our Four Seasons fleet mirror the temperature outside. When the weather is warm, the logbooks fill with praise. When the snow starts flying, most sporty cars get an icy reception. Our Subaru BRZ has been an exception, however, as it's managed to defrost some of the cold comments we printed earlier this winter. Let's delve into what made us change our tune.
Deputy editor Joe DeMatio arrives at the office a bit late one day and mistakes it for a ghost town: "Several inches of snow fell this morning and our office happens to be surrounded by large expanses of empty asphalt and our office park happens to have wide, empty, unplowed roads with curves and hills and we happen to have a Subaru BRZ in the lot and it's no wonder no one has been at their desk today."
Associate editor David Zenlea was one of the staffers who stepped away from his desk and instantly proclaimed the BRZ to be "the best snow car in our fleet." He quickly qualified that statement with the following: "Maybe if you actually have some place to go the Infiniti JX is preferable, but for having fun, it doesn't get better than rear-wheel drive and a wonderfully balanced chassis." As soon as the snow starts flying, we channel Fred the Baker: time to make the donuts.
"It's a riot even at safe and legal speeds on normal roads."
Associate web editor Jake Holmes did a better job of acting his age with the BRZ, but he still had a blast: "The Subaru BRZ is unbelievably fun to drive, even on ordinary roads during ordinary shopping trips. I just can't resist winding the boxer engine up toward its redline in the first two gears, nor can I resist rev-matching down gears before turns and then surprising myself with how nimbly the BRZ takes said corners. In other words, it's a riot even at safe and legal speeds on normal roads. About how many other cars do we say that?"
Managing editor Amy Skogstrom, unfortunately, felt her age while getting into and out of the low-slung BRZ: "Oh, to be as limber as I was thirty years ago! Once behind the wheel, however, this car makes me feel young, because its no-frills persona means that you don't get distracted by all the fancy technology and can enjoy the simple act of driving - unless you're on a particularly bad patch of road, such as I encountered on Sheldon Rd. in Canton over the weekend. Talk about harsh impacts."
As long as the road is smooth or snowy, we're quite happy with our BRZ. We just hope that the onset of spring doesn't bring too many new potholes to our rather unkempt local roads. We're ready to book another track day and test our R-compound tires as soon as the weather permits.

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2013 Subaru BRZ - Rekindling the Flame
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  • David Zenlea chose to make his donuts under the cover of darkness.
  • Snow BRZ = fun.
  • We prefer our donuts freshly powdered.
  • This is paradise for a BRZ on winter tires.
  • Snowy, empty parking lots are the best place to drive a Subaru BRZ in the winter.
  • We really appreciate the six-speed manual.
  • A basic, but highly functional, interior.
  • Quick reflexes make it easy to correct, or exaggerate, a slide.
  • 200 hp is more than enough to have fun in the snow.

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