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1301 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque December Update
four seasons long-term tests

2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque - Reliability Run

Miles to date: 22,142

2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque reviews to date
Through eight months, the Evoque has never seen a tow truck or a pair of jumper cables.

It's no secret that Land Rovers have a bad reputation for reliability. Automobile Magazine's past experiences unfortunately bear witness to this. Our last Four Seasons Land Rover, a 2005 LR3, lit up its instrument panel like a Christmas tree and needed no fewer than seven warranty repairs. A more recent test of the 2009 Jaguar XF (Jaguar is Land Rover's sister brand) likewise involved many frustrating days at the dealer. You can't blame us then, for being wary of the Range Rover Evoque even as we've heaped praise upon its styling, refinement, and performance.

"From day one, the only thing standing between me and an extremely high recommendation for this car has been the question of reliability," says associate web editor Donny Nordlicht.

Three quarters of the way through our test, we're starting to get answers to this question. They're mostly encouraging but not definitive. Through eight months, the Evoque has never seen a tow truck or a pair of jumper cables. It did, however, make an unscheduled visit to the dealer after multiple editors reported a low-coolant message.

"The 'Service Required' light appeared in the instrument cluster, followed by a giant red warning triangle and 'Low Coolant' appearing on the instrument panel," says associate web editor Jake Holmes, the first to notice the issue. "I stopped the engine and peered under the hood. The coolant tank was filled to the 'Min' line."

The dealer replaced the sensor in about an hour, which seems to have solved the issue.

We've also had good, but not perfect, luck with the interior, where the materials and controls show little evidence of more than 20,000 hard miles.

"I'm impressed with the way the cabin has held up," says managing editor Amy Skogstrom. "The first time I drove the Evoque, I was leery about the oddly textured material that covers the dash, but it still looks new and apparently cleans up better than I originally predicted."

We did, however, start hearing a persistent squeak when opening and closing the front-passenger door. The dealer resolved that issue rather simply, by tightening one of the door-hinge bolts. Somewhat more concerning is the touchscreen infotainment system, which has never won a lot of love from our editors but seems to have grown arthritic as of late.

"Is this infotainment unit built on a Windows 95 operating system? Because it seems to be getting slower with every passing minute," complains senior editor Eric Tingwall.

Ever the handyman, Tingwall dug through the system settings and shut off several graphically demanding but unnecessary functions, like a pop-up volume indicator. "It appears I've wrested some control back from the system," he says.

Tingwall and others also note a slight degradation in the Evoque's ride and handling, but they blame it on the combination of our recently fitted Pirelli Scorpion winter tires and unseasonably warm weather. "They tires tend to wander when the steering wheel is straight and are slow to respond when you first turn-in," Tingwall says. Still, we wonder if the magnetorheological dampers offered on higher-trim-level Evoques might afford a better ride, both now and as the miles accumulate.

If all this sounds to you like a rather unremarkable list of quality issues, you're right. That's very good news for Land Rover. Of course, the Evoque still has four long winter months ahead of it. We'll let you know how it finishes out its term.

Pure Premium Xenon package $5,890 Keyless entry Surround camera system HDD navigation w/voice control 17-speaker Meridian audio system 10-disc CD hard drive Adaptive Xenon headlights LED signature lights Cargo storage rails
Climate Comfort package $1,000 Heated front seats, steering wheel, windshield, and washer nozzles
SiriusXM satellite radio and HD radio $750
2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Specs
  • Overview
  • powertrain
  • chassis
  • measurements
  • equipment
  • options
Base price (with dest.)$41,995
Price as tested$49,635
Body Style 4-door crossover
Accommodation 5-passenger
Construction Steel unibody
Engine 16-valve DOHC turbocharged I-4
Displacement 2.0 liters (122 cu in)
Power 240 hp @ 5500 rpm
Torque 251 lb-ft @ 1750 rpm
Transmission 6-speed automatic
Drive Four-wheel
Fuel Economy 18/28/22 (city/hwy/combined)
Steering Electrically assisted
Turns lock-to-lock2.45
Turning circle 37.1 ft
Suspension, Front Control arm, coil spring
Suspension, Rear Control arm, coil spring
Brakes F/R 11.8"x1.1" vented disc/11.9"x0.4" solid disc
Wheels 19-inch aluminum
Tires Continental CrossContact
Tire Size 235/55VR-19
Headroom F/R 40.3/39.7 in
Legroom F/R 40.1/36.4 in
Shoulder Room F/R 56.6/55.4 in
Wheelbase 104.8 in
Track F/R 63.9/64.1 in
L x W x H 171.5 x 83.7 x 64.4 in
Caro Capacity 20.3/51.0 cu ft
Weight 3902 lb
Weigh dist. F/R 61/39%
Fuel Capacity 18.5 gal
Est. Range 400 miles
Fuel Grade 91 octane (premium unleaded)
Standard Equipment
  • Keyless ignition
  • 11-speaker Meridian audio system
  • Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity
  • USB port
  • iPod connectivity
  • Auxiliary audio jack
  • Power tailgate
  • Adjustable ambient interior lights
  • Cruise control
  • Automatic dual-zone climate control
  • Power front seats w/seat belt pre-tensioners
  • Front and rear parking assist
  • Rearview camera
  • Automatic halogen headlights
  • Rain-sensing windshield wipers
  • Stability and traction control
  • Hill start assist and hill descent control
  • Trailer stability assist
  • Paddle shifters
  • Terrain Response System (Normal/Snow/Mud/Sand)
I have a 2012 Range Rover Evoque Coupe, have 13,500 miles on it now, no mechanical problems and still enjoying every time I drive it. Meridian sound system are the best, surround view camera are so cool, Navigation is ok, you have to fine tune it a bit for it not to work your nerves- but now after reading the book, I can navigate to it with a breeze. "OWNERS- READ YOUR BOOK TO LEARN BEFORE YOU GET YOUR B/P UP", I have owned BMW (2 of them, and they are JUNK), owned LEXUS and they are okay but sooooo boring that I could punch out my eyes out!, I must admit though that I owned a Land Rover back in 2004 and I was disappointed and swore that I will never own another one. Lucky me that a couple of my friends is a technician and service manager at a Land Rover/Range Rover dealership and of course I trust their input on things so I asked soooooo many questions on this particular vehicle and to my surprise, they "praised" it, the test that they currently put on these Range Rover before production are intense and spot on. They really step up their game and built a vehicle that can knock out the competition and with a sexy style to match it. I only visited the dealership 2 times for software updates and that's it. My Evoque has been a dream, I enjoy driving it and the looks that you get and people admiring it when you drive by are pleasing. There is nothing like it on the road (until Kia/Hyundai/Nissan/Toyota..etc... copies it- haha).  Do your research, owners research, this site are okay but would you trust this one? Well, I don't, ALL cars have their ups and downs, there are no perfect cars out there plus, if you take care of your vehicle, they will last as long as you want them to last. If AUTOMOBILE MAG can give us- the readers- a so called "PERFECT CAR" they recommend, most likely they are paid under the table by such cars because you know, nothing is PERFECT.
I have a 2012 Evoque Prestige, unfortunately my experience has not been so pleasing.  It is currently now just over a year old and has 12,640 mi.  In the first three months of ownership we had to return to the dealer due to the driver side door nearly coming off hinge.  After having that problem fixed, I returned to the dealer for speakers that were blown out.  Before you say that it was due to loud music playing, my wife is the primary driver and I only drive if at all on the weekends.  My wife listens to K-love and I listen to news, we are both mid 40s and neither listen to loud music at all.  My sons are 13 and do not drive and do not have a set of keys to sneak in the car and play loud music either.  The next visit was for a front side camera that was pushed in while being washed.  Next visit was for key fobs losing vehicle settings and unable to function.  Now I am just waiting for the next problem to arise.  While none have been mechanical, they are issues that require frequent visits to dealership and put dings into the quality of the brand. 
I completely agree with "uknownothing".... Your magazine is just like the mainstream media...I dont care what vehicle it is you report on, it's ALWAYS negative...The truth is that lANDROVER has completely turned this company around in the last few years, and if you don't want to take my word for it, then just take a look at the general overall numbers!! With the addition of the new EVOQUE, I believe they have set the bar on mid sized s.u.v's...And if you have not had the opportunity to drive the all new 2013 full size RANGE ROVER then I believe that that should be your next article...I am interested in seeing what all you can find "wrong" with what I believe is by far the best looking, performing, and "green", full size s.u.v on the planet...I'm just curious as to what the person who wrote the article drives, and let's see what kind of interesting information we can dig up on it....Truth is we won't have to look far, just one of your magazines.......
I hate how your magazine has it out for this brand while you guys seem to salivate to the junk that Toyota and other fair at best auto makers put out. You know people read this and believe that land rover is making junk, which if you were to report the correct info to the consumer they would end up with better vehicles ie. this Evoque. Land Rover sales are up 36% this year because people are taking a look at the quality differences Rover has over the competition and the fact that this brand is putting billions of dollars into making great automobiles. When your editor gets out of the Evoque and back into his Camery he will continue to hurt consumers with these inaccurate opinions of a legend getting better. I feel sorry for your publication to have an editor mock a nice vehicle that numbers show is well received in the market. Maybe Land Rover needs to give your company money to like there product like these other brands have done for years.

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