2011 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite - Four Seasons Update - December 2011

January 12, 2012
2011 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite In Frankenmuth
Long-Term 2011 Honda Odyssey Update - WINTER 2012 (1 OF 2)
Miles to date: 29,367 / Months in service: 9
Last month, the Odyssey accumulated more miles than it had in any previous 30-day period since its arrival at 120 East Liberty. This month the Odyssey was as busy as ever, even if the odometer spun a bit more slowly. Copy editor Rusty Blackwell and his family started December off appropriately with a trip to Michigan’s Christmas mecca, Frankenmuth, to see the bearded man himself and do some shopping. “With our three-year-old in the third row and the baby in the second, grandma was able to tend to both with ease while my wife and I captained the ship.” He was also pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Blizzak winter tires. “They were quiet and didn’t seem to compromise the Honda’s excellent ride and handling characteristics one bit.”
For the remainder of the month of December, the Odyssey was largely used as a moving van. Associate web editor Donny Nordlicht’s gradual move into a new house culminated with the Honda being packed with his biggest possessions, which included a queen-sized mattress and a sleeper sofa. “There was actually room behind the six-and-a-half-foot couch once it was pushed up to the front seats.”
A few days later, senior web editor Phil Floraday used the Odyssey to move some furniture and household items from Chicago to Michigan and, although he found the Honda’s cargo capacity impressive, he criticized the fact that the Odyssey lacks flat-folding rear seats like its American counterpart, the Chrysler Town & Country. “ I didn’t need to remove the seats to get this load of stuff home, but it would have been easier with a totally flat floor and the slightly larger cargo area that flat-folding second-row seats would provide.”
With more stuff to move the following weekend, Floraday enlisted the Odyssey for a second trip to the Windy City. After hundreds of miles and numerous hours behind the wheel, he had nothing but praise for the minivan. “I really, really appreciate the tremendous range of the Odyssey. Equally important is how comfortable this car is for long-distance driving. I give credit to the Odyssey’s perfect driving position and supportive seats.”
At the close of this month—only its ninth in our care—the Odyssey’s odometer was displaying nearly 30,000 miles: a big number for any vehicle and one that has an even greater significance on a minivan that is subjected to the intense, varied use that only an Automobile Magazine Four Seasons test can deliver. Despite this, the Odyssey still feels tightly screwed together. (Although a few editors have mentioned hearing a squeak coming from the driver’s side second row. At this point it’s infrequent and extremely sporadic, so we’ve chalked it up to a misaligned second-row captain’s chair.) The interior is also holding up well, with only a hint of wear in the most high-traffic spots and minor surface scratches on the second-row console. To help keep the interior in tip-top shape during the messy winter months, we’ve also installed a set of Honda Odyssey–specific WeatherTech floor mats, courtesy of our friends at MacNeil. With high lips and custom-fit coverage, we think they will help fend off some of the grime and salt that invariably wreak havoc on a vehicle’s carpeting in winter.
Check back next month for the latest on our Honda Odyssey.

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2011 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite - Four Seasons Update - December 2011
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