2012 Fiat 500 - Four Seasons Update - October 2011

October 27, 2011
2011 Fiat 500 Left Side View
Long-Term 2012 Fiat 500 Update - FALL 2011 (2 OF 3)
Months in Fleet: 2 / Miles to Date: 5544
Cuddly puppies turn into hyper dogs, and fumbling toddlers grow up to be angst-ridden teens. The erosion of cuteness is inevitable.
A car whose appeal is based on looks, driven day-in and day-out by automotive journalists, is not likely to be an exception to that rule.
In last month's update, we wondered whether the novelty of the Fiat would wear off sooner rather than later, and we're already beginning to see a lot of distain towards the A-segment, apple-shaped, Italian immigrant.
Assistant editor David Zenlea says the 1.4-liter MultiAir engine barks like a perky little lapdog, straining against its diamond studded leash. Deputy editor Joe DeMatio hates the car's mesh sunroof shade.
Even the defender of all things 500, associate web editor Donny Nordlicht, is becoming disenchanted with the Fiat. "You really need to keep the little four-cylinder on boil to get going, even just around town," says Nordlicht.
Senior web editor Phil Floraday, who probably will never be charmed by the Cinquecento, has predicted this fallout since day one, and stands by his belief that the two-door is nothing more than an accessory to a stylish outfit. "Fashion changes every season and those in the know wouldn't be caught dead in last season's trends. It's too bad this test lasts longer than one season."
Leave it at that, and things don't look too good for our littlest Four Seasons car. But despair not, Fiatphiles. The 500 keeps working to make us (at least some of us) fall in love with it.
After taking his kids in the Fiat to the annual "Mopars at the Pond" auto show, copy editor Rusty Blackwell thought the wee coupe functioned well as a chic shuttle for his family. "It has an abundance of handy storage cubbies for small items," says Blackwell. From bananas in the door pocket to an umbrella, stroller, and folding camping chair in the trunk, Blackwell managed to make his family fit, although he probably won't be trading his 2001 Cadillac for a 500 anytime soon.
Creative director Kelly Murphy falls more in love with the little car every day, and not just because it's on his favorite show -- The Jersey Shore. "I have to confess that I've even thought about selling my own car to get one of these. I have already built my own 500 three times on the Fiat website. But I'm trying to show enough discipline to wait for Abarth," says Murphy.
Office factions have not formed yet, but it seems like the Fiat is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of car. Maybe the Abarth will turn us all into lovers, but it won't be shown in the States until the Los Angeles auto show in November. Looks like we'll just have to wait and see.

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