2011 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite - Four Seasons Update - September 2011

October 4, 2011
2011 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite Rear Left View
Long-Term 2011 Honda Odyssey Update - FALL 2011 (2 OF 3)
Miles to date: 17,011 / Months in service: 6
After returning from its 1500-mile adventure to the Kanrocksas music festival last month, the Odyssey has been largely relegated to short trips and around-town tasks. As such, it's received mixed reviews.
Assistant web editor Donny Nordlicht was pleased to find the big Honda waiting for him at the airport after a whirlwind trip to the Frankfurt auto show. "I don't pack lightly, but the Odyssey was, of course, more than spacious enough to swallow my luggage without having to adjust or fold a single seat. More important, it's extremely comfortable, with a ride that's just soft enough to soothe an achingly stiff body that's just come off a ten-hour flight and seat heaters that are hot enough to relax muscles. The high driving position and the great sightlines make driving a stress-free event."
Although it hasn't ventured far from Ann Arbor during the past thirty days, the Odyssey's utility has not gone untested. Motor gopher and college student Rich Otto enlisted the big Honda to relocate all of his belongings for the start of the school year and found that it lacked some of the versatility of its competitors. "The second-row seats don't fold into the floor, so I had to completely remove them in order to squeeze my futon into the Odyssey. Chrysler's 'Stow 'n Go' seats, which fold flat, are a better system."
The Odyssey might not be the perfect tool for every imaginable hauling job, but assistant web editor Ben Timmins praised the big Honda for helping him accomplish the more mundane tasks of everyday life. "For small shopping trips, the ability to open the sliding rear door using the key fob allows for quick and easy stowage behind the driver's seat. It also unlocks the driver's door, making getting your bags and self into the car a one-touch affair."
As is often the case with our family-friendly, utilitarian Four Seasons vehicles, the Odyssey has rarely been left to gather dust. With just about 17,000 miles on the odometer, assistant editor David Zenlea noted how well the Odyssey is holding up after its first six months of hard use by our staff, saying, "The Odyssey has spent significant time pacifying kids and carrying random cargo. It's even served as a mobile home for three adults. And yet I don't notice much in the way of rattles or feel any deterioration in the steering or suspension. It's a good reminder, as we worry about Honda's malaise, that the automaker still has the basics covered."

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