2011 Kia Sportage EX - Four Seasons Update - August 2011

September 7, 2011
2011 Kia Sportage EX Front Three Quarters
Long-Term 2011 Kia Sportage Update - FALL 2011 (1 OF 2)
Months in Fleet: 3 / Miles to Date: 8283
An astonishing ninety-one percent of cars sold in South Korea last year were black, white, silver, or gray. It's not all that much better in our supposedly individualistic land, where those same colors enjoy a seventy-one percent share (both figures come from a survey conducted by DuPont). All of this goes to say that a techno orange Korean car is pretty weird. No wonder the Sportage's complexion has been such a hot topic.
"I have started referring to the Sportage as 'the pumpkin' because of its rounded shape and bright orange hue. Given the shade of orange it's painted in, I think it's apt," quips associate web editor Donny Nordlicht.
Most editors find it a refreshing break from the norm, one that perfectly complements the new Sportage's distinctive styling. Some have even found it to have behavioral influences.
"Try to own/use one of these cars in this color without secretly dressing to match it," says associate web editor Ben Timmins.
"Seeing our eye-popping Sportage in the parking lot, I had the sudden urge to play basketball, perhaps because of its bright orange, basketball-esque color," adds road test editor Chris Nelson (Kia's prominent sponsorship of the NBA may be having an effect, as well).
Not everyone is entirely comfortable standing out, however.
"When I drive the Sportage, I always have one question on my mind: do other drivers see the Techno Orange paint as cool and interesting, or as obnoxious?" asks associate web editor Jake Holmes.
Copy editor Rusty Blackwell, meanwhile, wonders if the orange Sportage will look as dated as a leisure suit by the time its ten-year warranty expires.
"Remember when teal was cool in the 1990s? When I see a teal Geo Metro, Ford Aspire, Mustang, or San Jose Sharks jersey today, 'cool' is certainly not the first word that comes to mind," notes Blackwell.
For what it's worth, our EX isn't the most extroverted Sportage on the road - Kia also offers bright orange plastic interior trim to match the paint, but we stuck with boring old black.
"The orange interior almost certainly would have gotten old during our yearlong test. All the black in our Kia's comfortable cabin is a bit grim, though," says Blackwell.
Most editors at least agree that the color is a nice departure for a brand that's still trying to leave behind fifteen years of blandness, which is probably the point. Concludes Nelson:
"I parked the Sportage parallel to the basketball courts, making sure I could glance over at it now and then. And why wouldn't you want to? Sure, it might not be the most subdued or prettiest car, but it's a welcome departure from former generations.

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2011 Kia Sportage EX - Four Seasons Update - August 2011
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