2011 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite - Four Seasons Update - August 2011

September 22, 2011
2011 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite Front Left View 3
Long-Term 2011 Honda Odyssey Update - FALL 2011 (1 OF 3)
Miles to date: 15,627 / Months in service: 5
Early in the month, our Four Seasons Honda Odyssey was the chariot of choice for road test editor Chris Nelson and intern Greg Fink's rock-and-roll road trip to Missouri for the two-day Kanrocksas music festival in Kansas City. They chose the Odyssey for their odyssey because of its refined highway manners, comfortable seats, and vast accommodations but knew that its perception in popular culture as a mommy-mobile could hurt their chances of winning friends and influencing people in the under-25 crowd that would dominate the festival. Lesser men may have been stumped, but Nelson and Fink knew what had to be done.
Their answer to the question, "how do you make a minivan hip?" Why, remove the second-row seats and cover the floor from nose to tail in hot pink shag carpeting, then add a bean bag chair, a fuzzy white pillow, and a lava lamp to set the mood. Once at the event, it seemed that the transformation was a success -- or maybe it was Nelson and Fink's generous supply of beer and food -- as the Odyssey's groovy interior makeover attracted festival goers like moths to flame. Even the Kanrocksas festival's art director was impressed, calling it "a small but significant piece of the puzzle that created an aura integral to the communal aspect of the event." In other words, he was digging the Honda's groovy vibe. The truth is, underneath all that shag and fur, the Odyssey was made to party and it didn't take long for the gathering crowd to appreciate its roomy interior and wide-opening rear and hatch doors. They were especially fond of the small cubby just inside the hatch door. Not only did it keep the clutter to a minimum, it is perfectly located for easy access to food and drinks.
But the fun had to end, so after two days, Nelson and Fink packed up and headed back to Michigan. Unfortunately, after 1500 miles of potholes and rough Midwest pavement, a small chip in the Odyssey's windshield had spread, stretching across almost the entire width of the glass. It was replaced for $475 at a local automotive glass repair shop.
A few days later, Web producer Evan McCausland nabbed the Odyssey's keys to transport his latest large purchase. He initially waffled between using our Four Seasons Infiniti QX56 and the Odyssey but settled on the Honda and was happy he did. "According to the poor employee tasked with wheeling the box out to the curb, I had "the absolute perfect vehicle for bringing home a flat-screen TV." I could see why -- not only was the load floor flat and low with the third-row seats folded, but I'd also removed the center section of the second-row seats, allowing the TV to stand almost upright, supported by one of the remaining bucket seats."
Check back next month for the latest on our Four Seasons Honda Odyssey.

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