2011 Infiniti QX56 4WD - Four Seasons Update - June 2011

July 5, 2011
2011 Infiniti QX56 4WD Rear Three Quarters Static Driver
Long-Term 2011 Infiniti QX56 Update - SUMMER 2011 (2 OF 4)
Months in Fleet: Eight / Miles to Date: 20,523
The staff’s level of interest in a Four Seasons test vehicle is cyclical and often predictable. As soon as a new vehicle arrives, we all fight for the keys and hope to put on a few miles while the car is still in showroom condition. Then our collective interest usually drops in the middle months of our test once the newness wears off. This partially explains why we only added 678 miles to our QX’s odometer in the last month.
Another reason the QX experienced less love lately is the combination of high fuel prices that spiked shortly after our May update was published and its gas guzzling reputation. It’s true the fuel economy isn’t much of a concern if you’re towing a heavy trailer or filling every seat or cubic foot of cargo capacity inside the vehicle, but the truth is the majority of our miles are spent commuting with only one or two people in the vehicle. Jennifer Misaros, managing editor of digital platforms, admits the QX “actually causes me to feel self-conscious when I’m driving it.” Associate online editor Jake Holmes echoes the sentiment, “like Jen, I get a twinge of eco-guilt when I drive this massive 5850-pound SUV without any passengers or cargo.”
The logbook also praises the QX’s more hedonistic appeal: “Having driven slower vehicles recently, I couldn’t help but marvel again at this monster’s explosive acceleration,” exclaims copy editor Rusty Blackwell. Assistant editor David Zenlea agrees with Blackwell and applauds our Infiniti’s handling composure, noting, “the QX also feels quite balanced for a vehicle this size.”
Though our opinions on the QX’s mission may be divided, we all seem to agree with its execution. Frequently repeated comments include praise for the strong power delivery, supple leather seats, and incredible ability to keep body roll to a minimum in fast turns. That’s the truth about the 2011 Infiniti QX56: If you’re going to use it for the tasks it was designed for, there’s little room for improvement. But when you’re driving around in a big, empty SUV that only covers an average of 16 miles of road for each gallon of gas burned, it feels a bit out of its element.
Deluxe touring package $5,800 22-inch forged-aluminum wheels Hydraulic body motion control system Climate-controlled front seats Heated second row seats Remote tie up second row seats Advanced climate control system Headlight washers
Technology package $2850 Intelligent cruise control Blind spot warning Land departure warning Land departure prevention Intelligent brake assist Forward collision warning Adaptive front lighting system with auto leveling
Theater package $2450 Dual 7-inch color rear monitors Two wireless headphones Wireless remote control Auxiliary audio/video input jacks 120V power outlet
Illuminated kick plates $390
Roof rail crossbars $320

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