2011 Infiniti QX56 4WD - Four Seasons Update - February 2011

March 11, 2011
2011 Infiniti QX56 Promo
Long-Term 2011 Infiniti QX56 Update - SPRING 2011 (1 OF 3)
Months in Fleet: Four / Miles to Date: 13,440
During this winter that just won't quit, our 2011 Infiniti QX56 remains a top choice for transporting staffers and family members facing this inclement weather. We've sung the praises of the heated steering wheel and heated seats in past updates, but they remain a favorite feature as the temperatures remain below freezing.
In the past month, we've seen enough snow and ice to give the four-wheel drive system a rigorous workout. From unplowed streets to plowed-in alley entrances, the QX's massive all-season tires and 22-inch wheels have rolled through any obstacles in their paths. Although the system sends power to the rear wheels most of the time, the automatic four-wheel-drive setting will send power to the front wheels when the rear wheels lose traction. In automatic mode, the QX lets the tail hang out quite a bit on icy roads before sending power to the front wheels. Locking the system into 4-hi solves this problem. We haven't yet had much reason to engage 4-low, but the extra range position serves as good reminder we're driving a bona fide SUV, not merely some crossover.
To test the QX's truck underpinnings, one staffer towed a racecar to a shop for some pre-season preparations. The QX shrugged off the trailer, which weighed around 5000 pounds, and was still perfectly happy cruising at 80 mph. Selecting tow/haul mode for the transmission dialed up revised shift mapping, and produced perfectly-timed downshifts during braking. Tow/haul mode was especially useful because we haven't installed a trailer brake controller on our QX. If transporting racecars becomes a regular task (and it might be as multiple staffers are avid weekend racers) we'll need to equip the QX with an aftermarket trailer brake controller since Infiniti does not offer one as a factory option.
Few vehicles are able to bridge the gap between luxury, utility, and people moving like Infiniti's big SUV, and the Automobile Magazine Four Seasons fleet provides plenty of opportunities to test the QX's multiple roles. Be sure to come back to see how it handles the various challenges we throw at it.
Deluxe touring package $5,800 22-inch forged-aluminum wheels Hydraulic body motion control system Climate-controlled front seats Heated second row seats Remote tie up second row seats Advanced climate control system Headlight washers
Technology package $2850 Intelligent cruise control Blind spot warning Land departure warning Land departure prevention Intelligent brake assist Forward collision warning Adaptive front lighting system with auto leveling
Theater package $2450 Dual 7-inch color rear monitors Two wireless headphones Wireless remote control Auxiliary audio/video input jacks 120V power outlet
Illuminated kick plates $390
Roof rail crossbars $320

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