YouTube Video Compares Real and Virtual BMW M3 Nurburgring Drives

It’s near impossible for video games to completely re-create an actual driving experience, but they’re coming pretty darn close. The recent release of Gran Turismo 5 means television screens and monitors have been working overtime, and a YouTube video shows just how close the real and virtual worlds have come via a BMW M3 comparison on the Nürburgring.

This YouTube video has eight minutes and five seconds of footage, which shows a real M3 being driven by professional driving instructor Denis Malevanyi, who is well-regarded for his piloting prowess. The virtual setting looks idyllic (as it should given it’s a video game) and the virtual M3 slices and dices its way through the turns and hairpins with as much simulated realism as we could possibly hope for. Though art clearly imitates life, it’s amazing to see the progression the video game industry has made for the benefit of consumers.

Enjoy some fine driving on both ends in the YouTube video.

Source: YouTube


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