Yo, Adrian: Mini Continues to Hound Porsche with Rocky IV Spoof


The Mini vs. Porsche drama continues. After Porsche declined Mini’s offer to race at Road Atlanta, the cheeky British firm has continued to taunt the German brand — this time, spoofing the “battle” in the style of Rocky IV.

The Mini, training in a barn, appears to be none other than underdog Rocky Balboa. A 911, however, appears to have been cast in the role of Ivan Drago — the over-engineered, über-serious fighter from Europe.

The video is good for a laugh or two, but will it — or the promise of Justin Bieber concert tickets — be enough to lure Porsche to the competition on June 21? Only time will tell, but we’re not holding our breath. Do you think this video is enough to help convince Porsche suits to accept the challenge?

Click here to check out the latest Mini-Porsche challenge video.

Source: Mini via Funny or Die