Xtreme Green Products X Rider Electric Motorcycle

There is a reality that is hard to escape; if you want to conserve energy regarding transportation, it helps to reduce the mass one needs to transport.

While it is unknown how much fuel Americans would save if everybody just quit eating Big Macs, the practical reality of making viable electric vehicles has manufacturers starting small.

Neighborhood electric vehicles are small.

The Tesla Roadster is small.

The E-Bikeboard is really small.

Here is another product that provides a form of green transportation; the X Rider from Xtreme Green Products. The X Rider is a fully street-legal motorcycle/big-scooter.

The new cycle was introduced on Earth Day (April 22). “Since launching Xtreme Green Products, our vision has been to develop the most advanced and cost-effective green urban commuter available on the market,” explained Neil Roth, President and Chief Operating Officer of Xtreme Green Products. “With a top speed approaching 65 miles per hour, a range of 95 miles, and an operational cost as low as $0.003 per mile, we believe the X Rider fully encompasses this vision,” he added.

While we have not ridden the X Rider, the company claims that the cycle provides the power necessary to safely and comfortably travel at highway speeds. Power comes from a 4500 watt in-hub rear-wheel motor powered by a 60 amp hour lithium ion battery. Front and rear disc brakes provide stopping power. A built-in 110/220-volt charger is said to recharge the batteries in approximately three hours.

The bike’s overall length is 6’6″ and the wheelbase is 56″. Weight with batteries is 266 lbs, and the X Rider has a 330-lb capacity.

The fully-equipped X Rider is priced at just $7,999. Additionally, the X Rider qualifies under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 for the $2,500 plug-in electric vehicle tax credit. Deposits of $3,000 are being taken now for X Riders that will be delivered this summer.

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