Will Koenigsegg Debut a New Agera Model at the Geneva Motor Show?

Rumor had it that Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg was looking into building a four-door model, but it appears the company will simply launch another two-seat coupe: the Agera.

According to, these images show the Koenigsegg Agera, which may make a surprise debut in Geneva this week. Judging by the details provided by, the Agera appears to be an evolution of the company’s long-running CC line. It matches the latest CCX in size and retains the same 4.7-liter V-8 engine, but weighs just 2832 pounds and packs a stunning 910 horsepower and 811 pound-feet of torque.
Throw in a Koenigsegg-designed, paddle-shifted transaxle with limited-slip differential and you’ve got a car reportedly capable of sprinting from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.1 seconds and topping out at more than 245 mph. 15.4-inch front brake rotors and 15.0-inch rear brake rotors, made from drilled carbon ceramic material, pull stopping duty while special Michelin tires on 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels handle grip and an adjustable suspension keeps them planted. says the car will pull an astounding 1.6 g in the corners.

The Agera, which means “to act” in Swedish, features an all-new interior with plenty of carbon-fiber and leather. Aluminum switchgear will supposedly be lit by a fancy nanotube “ghost lighting” system and the interior will be finished with custom stitching. The removable roof will stow under the hood.
No price is known yet, but says Koenigsegg plans to build 16 to 20 cars per year. Orders will reportedly be taken at the Geneva show next week and deliveries are expected to begin by the end of the year.