Whats the deal with the R36?

I’m afraid VW is diluting their “R” brand as quickly as they built it up.

In case you hadn’t heard, VW will be showing a Passat R36 at the Essen Motor Show in Germany later this month.

For the full story and pictures, click here.

Sure, it looks great.; Sure, it’s fast.; And even though we’ve heard nothing about it coming to the US (even the press release is Deutsch-only), I still have a few questions.;

First, what’s this thing going to cost?; The regular Passat 3.6 4Motion is slightly outrageous in its price already… 300 horsepower or not, does the world really need a $40,000 Passat?

Secondly, where are the suspension upgrades?; The massive brakes?; Where is the loud, snorty exhaust?; In my opinion, VW has diluted the R badge just as quickly as they built it.; The R32 had the performance goodies to back it up.; The R36 doesn’t seem to.

Put that gem of a VR6 in anything, and I’ll drive it with a smile on my face.; But the smile will wear off quickly if the rest of the car isn’t up to the task.


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