Welcome to Automobile Magazines Blogs

Welcome to our newest online feature — Blogs!

We think you’ll enjoy hearing unfiltered commentary directly from our editors, and so we’ve set up a number of different categories of posts to lead you right to what you want to hear.

You’re going to see a whole lot of blogging going on here at; Why?; Well, ’cause automotive journalists are big mouths.; We have a lot to say – way too much to ever fit in a monthly magazine.;

We’re going to be making entries in the following main categories:

    Car Ramblings & Reviews:; This is the place for contributors to talk unapologetically about cars. If we’ve driven something cool that you need to know about, it’ll be here.; Likewise, if we hated something, we will;moan about it here first. Editors’ Soapbox:; We’re an opinionated bunch, and we like to go on rants about all kinds of stuff.; Watch out for flying rhetoric! Features:; The E! True Hollywood Story of Automobile.; Lots of behind-the-scenes info on features that we’ve done.; Future Cars:; The Automobile online crystal ball. We’ll tell ya what we know. Gear:; Here we can talk about all kinds of stuff to help you show the world what a car freak you really are. Hoonery & Hooliganism:; When no one’s looking, we do donuts in Rolls Royces.; Surely you want to hear about it, right? Motorsports:; Just because we don’t spend too much time discussing racing in the magazine doesn’t mean we’re not passionate about motorsports. Tech Talk:; The geek lounge.; Get the pocket protectors and calculators out!

We hope that you find the new blogs to be a cool insight into some of the personalities here at Automobile — and we welcome your feedback.


Jason Cammisa, Senior Online Editor