Wave At This: Nissan Leaf Wave, Automobile Magazine Appear On Colbert Report

After a great car and a good burrito, many of us at Automobile Magazine love the dynamic duo of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central for turning serious news into non-stop laughs.  But this morning, it looks like one of them might actually like us back.

On last night’s episode of “The Colbert Report,” Stephen Colbert joked about the impending vote on the government’s debt ceiling, saying it wasn’t as important as the end of Nissan’s “Leaf Wave” competition today. Nissan, as we previously reported, is asking Leaf owners to vote on how they should wave to each other.

After some typical “electric car owners are hippies” jokes, Colbert showed a screenshot of the Leaf’s Facebook page, where owners complained they’ve never seen a Leaf and then showed…a shot of’s article on the “Leaf Wave,” where one of our more mature commenters told Leaf owners to — ahem –“suck my balls, hippies.”

Said Colbert about the comment: “That’s actually a good idea for a wave.”


Now, Stephen, we count Automobile Magazine as part of Colbert Nation, but you’ve got it all wrong. We’re not exactly the hemp-wearing, dread-tying, Phish-mourning hippie type, but we actually like the Leaf. Automobile Magazine staffers have been signing out keys to our long-term white Leaf for one week at a time and writing about the experience. So far no one has been stranded (although a couple of us have come close) and while some of us drive too much too far (or too quickly) to buy one for ourselves, we’ve rather enjoyed its presence in our garage.

With that said, the Colbert experience was good for a laugh (okay, more like a bunch of laughs). Click the link below, and check out the clip below for a few laughs of your own.

Source: Comedy Central

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