Whoa! Traffic is Not a Problem for This Modified Jeep Grand Cherokee

Watch it glide over traffic with ease

Verizon is using a modified Jeep Grand Cherokee to promote its new Hum vehicle connectivity module for 1996-present vehicles with an OBD II port. The modified SUV is dubbed the Hum Rider.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has been fitted with a custom hydraulic system that not only elevates the SUV, but also moves the wheels out on an angle giving it a wider stance. In the video, the Grand Cherokee’s track widens as it rises above other cars so that it can drive over a line of stopped traffic. Cameras mounted on the undercarriage keep an eye on clearance. Once the SUV clears the final car, it lowers and the driver makes a right turn at the intersection.

At the end of the video, these words appear on the screen: “Of course your car can’t do that. But Hum can upgrade your ride with other new tricks.”

Although the Hum Rider is real, it was strictly built as a promotional vehicle. The Hum by Verizon on the other hand provides a vehicle diagnostic tool, roadside assistance, and even optional Wi-Fi connectivity for older vehicles. While we can’t comment on the Hum device, we find the Hum Rider a clever idea particularly for Los Angeles traffic.

Check out the video below to watch a Jeep Grand Cherokee glide over traffic.

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