Watch Chris Forsberg Slay a Serpentine Mountain

Pro drifter captures smoking madness in "Fresh Tracks"

Watch any Gymkhana video with Ken Block and you’re likely to see a few things. First, there’s some artful driving sequences in some remote or ridiculous locale. And second, there’s a lot of tire marks, giving us insight into how Block and his team practice to get those picture-perfect, always on mark, gorgeous shots of his Gymkhana cars slaying all tires.

But what if Block didn’t have practice? What if he was shown a mountain road and told, “Go make smoke there.” Would he be able to do it? That’s the basis for a new YouTube series with professional drifters Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg.

In “Fresh Tracks,” the first video of the new series, Forsberg takes on a ridiculously winding spider web-like road in Onion Valley, California in his Formula D pro Nissan 370Z. Unlike the standard 370Z, Forsberg’s car comes equipped with a roll-cage, six-point harnesses, hydraulic handbrake, and more angle than a street car would ever need. It also has a nitrous-injected Vk56 Nissan V-8 engine generating over 1,000 horsepower that can instantly turn its Hankook tires into billowing ash.

The video makes Forsberg look absolutely heroic as he expertly navigates the twisty spiral staircase of a road. A few shots of him in the car look as if Forsberg is barely breaking a sweat as he smiles at the sheer lunacy of what he’s actually doing. It becomes even more superhuman as you peer down the mountainside road cliffs into the valley below. Just imagine trying to slide a 1,000 horsepower car up a mountain you’ve never drifted before.

We wish we could be in Chris’ head. However, since Forsberg provides no in car hot-takes, our copy editor, Kara Snow, thinks she knows exactly what’s going through his mind, “Scream all you want, tires! It just makes me laugh louder!”