Wagon Train! Photo Gallery

Golden Gate, Golden Anniversary
Long before the the SUV or the minvan, there was the wagon&#151and for fifty years, the Volvo wagon has been the quintessence of the breed. Now, as this most recognizable of Swedish imports turns fifty, we celebrate with a look back, from the 1953 Duett to the new V70R. Here, a train of wagons crosses San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge during recent Golden Anniversary festivities.

1953 Volvo PV445 Duett
Volvo’s first wagon was created from chassis components left over after the planned production run of the 1953 PV444 sedan had finished. The PV445 Duett was so-named for its dual-purpose nature&#151cargo van by day, stylish sedan after hours.

1968 Volvo P220

1974 Volvo 145

1977 Volvo 265GL

1986 Volvo 760GLE

1988 Volvo 240GL

1994 Volvo 850 BTCC (British Touring Car Champtionship)

1994 Volvo 850R

1995 Volvo 960

1999 Volvo V70XC

2003 Volvo V70R
The highest evolution of the Volvo wagon, the V70R features a sophisticated adaptive suspension that employs Volvo’s Four-C Technology (Continuously Controlled Chassis Concept). It uses a 300-horsepower turbocharged 2.5-liter in-line five-cylinder engine matched to a new six-speed manual gearbox and all-wheel drive.

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