What’s Your Favorite Chevy? Vote Now, Vote Often!

100 days. That’s all that’s left until Chevrolet’s 100th birthday on November 3. In celebration of the countdown, the bowtie brand has announced that it would sponsor local Chevy celebrations (including the Woodward Dream Cruise) and have its fans on Facebook pick their favorite Chevrolet of all time.

Chevrolet kicks off the 100-day countdown festivities with the launch of its new website, At its new centennial site, fans will be able to share their Chevy stories, find out about local events in their area and most importantly, vote for their favorite Chevrolet of all time.

Chevrolet has picked out a list of 16 cars, trucks and SUVs that it’s particularly proud of for its fans to vote on. Using their Facebook accounts, fans will ‘Like’ the Chevrolet that they’d like to see continue on to become the winner. The voting set up is like your March Madness bracket: two Chevy’s go head-to-head, the winner advances to the next round. The process keeps going until only one remains; that car truck or SUV is then the winner, the people’s favorite Chevrolet of all time.

So what are the matchups for favorite Chevrolet of all time? The pairings are as follows: 1957 Bel Air vs. 1962 Impala, 2009 Corvette ZR1 vs. 1964 Malibu, 2011 Volt vs. 1936 Suburban, 1969 Camaro vs. 1912 Classic Six, 1963 Corvette Sting Ray vs. 1932 Deluxe Sport Roadster, 1970 Chevelle SS vs. 2010 Camaro, 1953 Corvette vs. 1969 K Blazer and 1948 Pickup vs. 1989 Pickup. While we wouldn’t necessarily call all of those matchups fair, they are interesting. Also, somewhat unsurprisingly as of this writing the 1963 Corvette Sting Ray is in the overall lead with 121 ‘Likes’ and 11 days left in Round 1. In last place? Chevrolet’s first car, the 1912 Classic Six with just 20 votes. Ouch.

The voting will continue on up until Chevrolet’s official 100th birthday on November 3. In the meanwhile, what’s your favorite Chevy of all time? Did Chevrolet leave any out, or include any that it shouldn’t have in its matchups? Are those matchups fair? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Chevrolet