Forbidden Fruit: New Volvo V60 Caught Cruising in U.S.

Although the official company line is that Volvo is dropping wagons from its U.S. product lineup, our sister publication Motor Trend found this V60 wagon cruising the streets of upscale Los Angeles suburb Malibu yesterday.

With the discontinuation of the V70 in the U.S. in favor of the more crossover-like XC70 and XC90, it was believed by many, as well as Volvo’s official company line, that traditional wagons were essentially going to be absent from the U.S. market.
Another head-scratcher surrounding these photos is the wagon’s Indiana license plates. Volvo’s U.S. headquarters is located in New Jersey.

Two versions of the V60 have been unveiled at the Paris and Geneva auto shows, respectively. The first being the conventional version powered by a range of gasoline and diesel engines, and the most recent being a diesel-hybrid at this month’s Geneva show.

Volvo Product Communications Manager Dan Johnston had no comment on the sighting, other than to point out that Volvo has a hot weather testing facility in Arizona, and said it’s not unusual to see global models in the region for testing purposes.


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