Volvo Revives Free Maintenance Program

After cutting the initiative for 2006, Volvo has reinstated its 3-year/36,000-mile free maintenance program for 2009 models, after a major push from dealers. Volvo joins BMW, Land Rover, Mini, Saab and Volkswagen as one of the few companies which provide free vehicle maintenance for an extended period of time.

Dan Fields, who is a Volvo and BMW dealer, cites BMW’s free maintenance program as a big part of its success. BMW has the longest terms, with 4 years/50,000 miles. “The Volvo buyer is a practical buyer who studies the buying decisions and does a lot of research,” Fields says. “The cost of owning the vehicle is now less.”

Phillip Reed, consumer editor for, says free maintenance is more important for import brands. “It gets a number of buyers that may be one the fence,” he says. “People are very afraid of repair costs, particularly in a foreign brand. People may perceive that it may be more expensive than for a Ford or a Chevy.”

Source: Automotive News


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