Volvo Looking into Plug-In Hybrid for U.S., Could Be Based Off Of V60 PHEV

We already know that Volvo is working on getting a plug-in hybrid to market in Europe in the next year with its V60 PHEV, an almost-production-ready version of which was shown earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show. But could a PHEV from Volvo be heading to our shores sometime soon? CEO Stefan Jacoby says yes.

While speaking in Washington, D.C., Jacoby stated that Volvo is aiming to have a PHEV in the U.S. somewhere between 2013 and 2014. However, that relies on testing and evaluation the automaker is beginning this yea to determine if the carmaker’s current PHEV setup will work with a gasoline engine. The current setup found in the V60 PHEV uses an electric motor paired with a diesel mill.

There had already been rumors swirling about the U.S. getting the V60 as hybrid-only, and we have previously spotted a gas-powered V60 roaming the streets of California. When we spoke with Volvo earlier today, we were told that if the U.S. was to get the V60 PHEV, it would be the same car as the European-spec one, just with a gas-powered engine in place of the oil burner.

But Volvo was quick to point out that the V60 has yet — and may not be — approved for U.S. consumption. If the small wagon doesn’t make the jump across the pond, that doesn’t mean that we won’t see a PHEV. The gas-electric powertrain being developed as an “engine platform,” and could see application in other Volvo models.

Our bet? We’ll see the plug-in powertrain in the S60 sedan sometime within the next few years. Stay tuned.

Source: Volvo, Autoblog Green

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