Volvo Introduces V70 Turn Key Police Package

While the Ford Crown Victoria rules the police fleets in America, it’s a different story in Britain.; With cops piloting everything from Vauxhall Astras to Range Rovers, there’s no one stereotypical police car in the UK.; That may well change with the Volvo V70 Turn-Key Police Package – a specialized wagon that’s ready for police duty as soon as it leaves the factory.

When Volvo says ‘turn-key,’ they mean ‘turn-key.’; All the paint, lights, and other miscellaneous cop-spec equipment you see here is actually installed while the car travels down Volvo’s assembly line in Torslanda, Sweden.; Once they take delivery of the car, police departments need only fit their specific radio sets, and they’re off.; That’s in stark contrast to the typical American police vehicle, which usually requires multiple modifications between leaving the factory and reporting for duty.

Standard equipment on the police-spec V70 includes LED strobe lighting, a steel seat partition, three-way siren with a PA system, and a GPS-based data recorder.; Volvo also fits the cars with heavy-duty 17-inch alloy wheels, heavy-duty brakes, an oil sump protector, and a custom-tuned suspension with a load-leveling feature in the rear.