Volvo Concept C Coupe Teased Ahead Of Frankfurt Show

Volvo teases coupe concept.

A new video from Volvo hints that the Swedish company will use the Frankfurt Motor Show to introduce a new concept car. Although the teaser video shows only fleeting glimpses of the show car, it appears to be called the Volvo Concept C Coupe.

In a voiceover, Volvo Car Group head of design Thomas Ingenlath promises that the company’s styling direction is taking a dramatic turn for the better. “Some people described Volvo’s design as vanilla. In other words, nice, but not iconic or cutting edge,” Ingenlath says. “Well, I can assure you that the vanilla days are over.”

The video itself mostly shows Ingenlath working on a pencil-and-paper design, but a brief flash at the 11-second mark shows us four teaser images of the concept car. The pictures flash so quickly as to almost be subliminal, but they show a lower front fascia with an angular air intake and large chrome grille, a sculptor working at the flared haunches of a clay model, those same haunches rendered on a coupe body with narrow mirrors and an inset door handle, and a concept-car trunk with C-shaped taillights and a unique Concept C Coupe badge. The badge has a shield design and is topped by castle-like elements, recalling the emblems on the original Volvo P1800.

The badge resemblance gives credence to the idea that this concept will preview an upcoming Volvo coupe. We previously reported that Volvo is interested in building a new C60 coupe to pay tribute to the P1800; the new car could go on sale by 2016. In fact, former Volvo design director Christopher Benjamin sketched his vision for a resurrected P1800 back in 2011. If Volvo did build a new coupe, it would likely be built on the new Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA) that will underpin nearly all of the company’s future products. Volvo has also said that cars built on SPA will rely almost exclusively on four-cylinder engines.

Although the video’s description hints that the Volvo Concept C Coupe will be revealed at the Frankfurt show next month, text at the end of the clip mentions the date August 29, which could mean we’ll see more of the concept car even sooner. You can watch the full teaser video below — be sure to pause at the 11-second mark to catch the subliminal renderings.

Source: YouTube

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